Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turning over a old Leaf

Adam brought home a box of these ugly wood napkin rings when the Ice Palace was getting ready for renovations.
At first I complained that he was bringing more crap into the house, but then I figured maybe they just needed a face lift. So we put them into our overflowing extra WIC (walk in closet) and forgot about them.
That is until we decided that we were hosting thanksgiving! Recently I pulled them out and decided it was time for their makeover.  A trip to Home Depot and a can of spray paint later and we have much better napkin rings!
Hello 2011 goodbye 1993!
We decided to use Oil Rubbed Bronze, but had also considered Matte Nickel since our china has a platinum band.  I Think they look great with the napkins I made with our left over fabric from the table runner.
I was afraid the chunky wood would look too casual on our China but the paint really dressed them up they look seasonally appropriate on our china.
Oh! and that is a bread plate! not a dinner plate-they’re not napkins for giants!
Thanks Adam for brining home those free ugly wood napkin rings…I love them, now.

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