Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday-A Beautiful Life

I saw this post on intagram last week (thanks Laura) and it really hit me. 

2014-06-04 14.06.52

There are times when I feel like I’m not really living my life. Like I’m waiting for my life to begin….my real life. But then I realize this is my life. Enjoy it. NOW. If you’re not happy with something fix it. But LIVE in the NOW. And make your life beautiful. Because as far as we know, we only get one shot at it here on earth. So while Adam and I are waiting for our “Forever” home and a new job path for him I need to work on reminding myself to make this life beautiful and accept that while this may not be where I saw myself at 35 it’s where I am and it’s wonderful…because we made it beautiful.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Humpday PhotoDump!

Despite having my hand-me-down iPhone I didn’t take all that many pictures this past week…but those I did take are goodies. I’m finding I’m just enjoying more and photographing less. This I find is a double edged sward. It means I’m living in the present, but when I’m 90 and can’t remember to put my teeth in I won’t have those memory triggers to recall that one day in 2014 Charlie played with her food. Ha! I’m so joking.

Without further adieu…our week in iPhone pics!

My first attempt at a facetime screen capture! Sorry mom Smile2014-06-04 17.31.17


My TBT for the week. Adam and me at his sisters wedding in 2007. We had only been dating a month and he flew me to Raleigh for it!2014-06-05 13.49.03

She is getting the hang of things…like closing the sliding door!!2014-06-05 16.53.42

My first try at “paella” It was delish!2014-06-05 18.21.56

This is the outfit she got from Bloomingdales that grandma bought. It is soooo cute, but still to big. 2014-06-05 18.57.15


Daddy’s shoes are also too big. But that didn’t stop her from stomping around the house!2014-06-07 09.45.57-1

Obsessed. The girl is obsessed with brushing her teeth. If I can’t find her I look in her bathroom first. Chances are she’s standing on the stool in the dark brushing her teeth!2014-06-07 10.17.22

We came across this shop on our “top secret project” adventure. So of course we had to snap a picture for Grandma. 2014-06-07 14.34.40

She loved the GIANT giraffe at Pottery Barn Kids.2014-06-07 14.40.13

Helping mom with some Art remodeling..more on that later.2014-06-07 17.13.10

Sunday I was an “Ultimate” wife. And man was it hot!!2014-06-08 10.59.44-1

note: watermelon stains.2014-06-08 13.20.46

2014-06-08 13.54.08

She LOVES Diego.2014-06-08 14.09.34

Working on her father’s day cards.2014-06-09 18.42.01

Playing before bed.2014-06-10 19.47.31

Adam and I are doing the 30 day ab challenge. We thought that if we both did them with Charlie in the room she’d want to mimic us. We were wrong. She just wants to crawl all over us and laugh. 2014-06-10 20.06.28

And my favorite picture of the week. My sweet sweet girl coloring.2014-06-09 18.37.36

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Fun-Graphic Design

I haven’t done a “Friday Fun” post in FOREVER! So I thought it would be fun to share some of the graphic design work I’ve done for friends since I just got back from McKenzie’s Bachelorette weekend and am doing a bunch of stuff for her wedding.

I love doing this type of design and luckily I am able to do some at my work too. I think it makes me a more valuable employee especially when my boss is always coming to me when he doesn’t like what a marketing firm does and says…”You can do better”

But I’m not going to share my work stuff with you since I don’t “own” it and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize anything with a project.

So here are some of the fun things I’ve designed for various events…which all started with my wedding!


Then I did Felicia's wedding. My sister-in-law is ridiculously talented and drew the orchids for both her save the dates and wedding invite!

option 6b

final backTC Invite copyinvite

The same year I was also maid of honor in Tara’s wedding! So I planned her shower:

77540-card copy

Sign 2 copy

Tara Quiz copy

Most years I do postcards for Christmas, it’s cheaper (like $12 for 100) and less postage than tradition cards!flow_v2_4b0d4eaf413718_03673500cbyk

I helped out mom with Joe and Jen’s wedding. (Jen did a fabulous job on all her DIY stuff-but then again she’s a textile designer for TARGET!!)Shower invite copyFamous couples quiz copyUntitled-1 copy

Then along came Ms. Charlie!Announcement.dwg

Christmas card 2012 copy

baptism invite copy

BDAY copy

And now I’m working on my friend McKenzie’s wedding! I did the save the date, shower invite, party game, guest book and am working on the programs!

Front copy

Shower front Photo Challenge copy2mad lib copy

I have so much fun doing these and LOVE it when people ask me to do them! It’s a fun hobby and I love helping out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hump Day Photodump

What up June! I don’t have many pictures to dump since my phone is crap. But good news is I just got a new iPhone! whoa! somebody just moved into the 21st century ;) So hopefully I’ll have much better pictures to share in the future! In no particular order…

Having fun in Michigan!2014-05-31 12.57.50

She was so surprised!!

2014-05-31 00.25.15

Having fun while we wait for our flight.2014-05-30 17.37.04

She can do things on the iPad that even the tech guy can’t figure out!2014-05-29 19.02.58

Selfie2014-05-29 18.53.32

I don’t know why but I always take pictures of her when I eat!2014-05-29 17.23.32

Bookclub meeting at 3 daughters!

2014-05-28 19.36.34

We tried a tropical lasagna…wasn’t the best.2014-05-22 16.56.41Moving along on my stiches!2014-05-21 22.23.082014-05-21 22.22.57

Mornings with daddy. 2014-05-19 06.47.27

She sleeps in ballet positions!2014-05-17 22.01.28

Mastering the folk…

2014-05-17 08.47.13

Movie time with popcorn! She loved it!

2014-05-16 19.57.10


She loves to hide behind the drapes!2014-05-16 17.26.56

1st ponytail!

2014-05-15 19.07.28

Working on my “drawings” fyi those are the plans for my boss’ house!

2014-05-15 17.16.09

Reunited and it feels so good!


Great girls, great weekend, grand haven!


Adam made a chicken! It was YUMMY!

2014-06-02 20.32.57-2