Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I’ve Survived

Adam comes home tomorrow night. And boy am I ready to have him back. It’s the little things I’ve missed the most.  I’ve been fine walking the dogs 3xs a day ( I usually do only 1x) I haven’t had to make dinner ( unless you call a loaf of French bread and a wedge of brie dinner). I did find some upsides to him not being home:  I can listen to country music all I want and I can set the air to 80 degrees.  And I can sleep on “his” side of the bed. Which has been a minor debate since we got married.  Maybe I can pretend he’s still gone and keep sleeping there when he gets back, maybe he won’t notice…

So what have I been doing?

Watching Madmen, Sewing and Seeing friends.  The 10 days have gone by pretty quickly. I have one more night to finish up my projects and do some laundry before I have to pack us up for our NC trip on Friday.   I’ll be more then happy when I see him emerge from the tram tomorrow night and I don’t look forward to the next time he goes away, but now that I’ve done it I know I’ll be able to do it again. Before we met I was very independent, and still am to an extent, but I would just much rather go through life, however uneventful, with my partner besides me. 

Fly home safe honey, and don’t forget to stretch.

Friday, August 26, 2011

It’s A Girl!

Baby Zoe finally made herself known late last night.  I was certain she was a boy, but Adam was right on when he guessed girl.

She was born 8lbs11oz at 10:09 pm August 25. 

We are very excited to make the long trip next Friday and go meet her!!


Isn’t she gorgeous.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Michigan in August

Earlier this month we made a trip up to Michigan for my friend Felicia’s wedding.  Miss planning caused us lots of time in the car, but we crammed a lot into the 6 days we were there.

We arrived on a Wednesday, into South Bend Indiana. (See i told you-miss planning)  My dad picked us up and we drove the 2.5+ hours to Pentwater where we were greeted by two very happy golden retrievers.  Our mini keg of Oberon was tapped and we enjoyed an after noon on the deck with my parents. 


Shortly after we arrived there was a parade of ambulances, police cars and fire trucks flying by the house heading to the channel. Dad and Adam hoped on the scooters to investigate and returned to tell us what we’d already suspected; drowning.  Unfortunately the little girl didn’t make it and I was reminded again of the August day back in 1991 when my friend and his father were taken by the lake.       She is a strong and powerful body of water.  Too many people take her for granted and don’t respect the warnings.  I hope that this will be the last time…but sadly it won’t be.


But on a happy note, my aunt & uncle arrived from Florida on Wednesday and we had a wonderful dinner and a night of card playing.  The next day we all went to the beach and later attempted to sail. But as we all know it is very difficult to sail w/o any wind. 




Friday we packed up and headed to Kalamazoo for the wedding festivities.  It was so fun to be back in Kalamazoo and point out all the places i used to go to or live.  The best part was that the rehearsal diner was at Great Lakes Shipping Co. It should be noted that that is where I met the bride And the Groom and that’s where they met and where 50% of the wedding party worked in college. So it was like a big class reunion.


The wedding took up all of Saturday and we prepped and took pictures and danced and laughed into the night ending up at the bar we all use to frequent in college.  It really was a wonderful time. And I must say Felicia was a beautiful bride, but anyone with working eyes can see that!


Sunday we headed back to Pentwater where we had a lazy day and ended with an awesome sail on Lake Michigan with my friend Brian. On his dad’s boat; Recess' big sister, AerialIMG_7171 IMG_7173IMG_7172  IMG_7165


Monday we took one last trip to the beach (with the dogs) and we had a great time throwing them the stick and wading into the water.  It was  a beautiful day and we hated to leave, but into the car and to South Bend we went.  Suite cases full and probably over weight.  IMG_7192 IMG_7199 IMG_7217IMG_7242

After waiting in line to check in for well over 20 min we found out our suite cases were 10lbs over.  Adam had gotten some antique tools from my grandma’s and we had some jam so we moved things around and got it down to weight.  Then we moved on to security. Adam’s bag got flagged. The tools in there he thought he could carry on he couldn’t. so while i went to wait by the gate he had to go back into line and check our carry on! Luckily the women at the counter remembered us and didn’t charge us for the extra bag. 30 min later Adam finally appeared just in time to board. We boarded and in 2.5 hours touched down in St. Petersburg where the humidity hit like a sucker punch.

We had a nice trip, but as always it was too short and too busy.  But we’ll take what we can and enjoy the fact that we’re able to travel.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

True. But I already love my husband so much I don’t need it to grow anymore.  Which is why it is going to be so hard without him for 10 days!  I have friends who’s husbands travel and I really don’t know how they do it. I guess they get used to it. But Adam and I have never been apart in the 4+ years we’ve known each other longer than 5 days.
He’s in California for an install.  He’ll be there until late on the 2nd. His birthday is Saturday the 27th of August. He’ll be spending it in an Econo Lodge by LAX Sad smile.  Not the Birthday celebration I had planned. But I did promise him a cake-his favorite Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte. I haven’t made it in quite a long time and he’s been asking for it for a while.  So sometime in September, after we return from North Carolina, we’ll celebrate his birthday.
Until then it is just me and the dogs.  I’m hoping to use this time to finish up gifts for the new baby, catch up on some reading and trying out a new Yoga Studio I have a Groupon for.  I’m sure I’ll get used to him being gone, but I can guarantee I’m not going to like it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A “Mad” Weekend

Mad, as in Mad Men. 


We accidentally got hooked on the show. oops.  Luckily Netflix has 52 episodes…or maybe not so luckily. On a side note-it’s Joseph’s fault, he’s hooked too, both him and Jen. So we’re not alone.  I love everything (well not everything!) but most everything about the 60’s era.  I really think I was born at the wrong time…but anyway; the clothes (swoon) the classy style the success…and the fact that it’s an Advertising firm (my 1st major) just makes me want more! 

Saturday after a leisurely day of errands and house cleaning we found our selves on the couch with nothing good on TV and split on our Netflix queue choices…so I said “I heard Mad Men was good”, so we watched the 1st episode.  Sunday Adam has a Frisbee scrimmage and I stayed home to do laundry and continue putting the house back into order after being gone…well I found myself watching 2 more episodes before Adam came home and found me still in my pajamas. “What?! you watched more??” he cried.  I guess I didn’t realize he’d enjoyed it as much as I did.  So I caught him up to episode 3.

Then we enjoyed the Chicken pot pie I had made (see I wasn’t totally useless!) and I did a quick jaunt on the treadmill.  But at 8 o’clock we were back and watched anther episode. Then Adam said “we’ve got time for one more…” We’re now on episode 7…only 45 more to go.


I strongly suggest you NOT watch this if you don’t want to get sucked in.  It’s too late for us…but we’re hoping that you’ll heed this warning and stay far far away…before you to go Mad over Mad Men.

On a positive note I did finish 6 loads of laundry, did the dishes 4 times, ran and emptied the dishwasher, changed the sheets, painted a chair, made a pot pie and pasta sauce, vacuumed 3 x’s, bought groceries and Adam unpacked our suite cases.  So it wasn’t a total waste of a weekend Winking smile

Friday, August 12, 2011

We’re Back…

And just as busy as ever!  More of an update later, but in the mean time…for your viewing pleasure…

imageAdam got this shot from the back of dad’s boat.  His angel was perfect because the sun was actually north of the channel that night.

imageAs mom and I turned onto Long Bridge traffic came to a halt as everyone had pulled over to take pictures of this amazing sky.  Adam took this, again, from the boat.

imageFelicia’s beautiful bouquet made by Ryan’s mom.  She made all our bouquets.  It's a really nice keep sake.

image4:30 pm…wedding time!

imageFor like 10 minuets I seriously thought this is where mom and dad kept their spare key…but nope, he’s real and he’s a chameleon frog!

imageOff the shore of silver lake aboard Aerial, Recess’s big sister.

imageJust north of Cedar Point park this creek feeds Lake Michigan.

imageLooking North the last few hours we had in Michigan.

imageGretta.   She loves the water…and the sand.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our 1st Meal…

At the new table!


It was Saturday  morning breakfast, the other table was full of Cr*p so I said “We’re eating out here!”


Please forgive Adam. He knows he’s not supposed to be at the table w/o a shirt, but I was hungry, the food was getting cold and I wanted to snap a picture. He also wouldn’t smile right. Dork.


We like our new table…now if only we could get it finished!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

The End(s) of our Table

Do not adjust your screen-this is not a photo-shopped picture. Those are really the ends of table-glued and cut and ready for SafeCoat Lacquer.  Then they will get legs of their own and attached to the top of the table.IMG_6777

Adam brought them home last week and I was so happy to finally see what our table is actually going to look like. We love it! This wood has tons of character and is going to look awesome once it’s finished.  And it really just completes the modern design of our rustic table.


It’s like putting book ends on a book shelf. 


The books were fine there before, but with two fancy ends the shelf becomes more than a function of holding books-it becomes a place of interest-a statement.


And that is exactly what this table is! It serves as a place to eat and gather, but I know it will always serve as a statement piece in our house and will bring up many conversations as we gather around it with family and friends to enjoy a good meal. And with our ends we can gather more of our friends and family.

Oh and the best part of putting on our Ends, the dogs can get under the table when we eat!



Thursday, August 4, 2011

I made myself a dress…

yep. 1st time I’ve made something for myself…well that I can remember.

It was a Wednesday evening, Adam was at tired and I had just bought a bunch of patterns at Joann’s for Tara’s wedding.

I went through all the fabric I had and looked at my patterns.  We were going to Atlanta for the weekend and I decided I wanted a sundress to wear since it’s so HOT in Atlanta.

I ended up choosing the same pattern I used to make Kristi her dress and a green fabric I had purchased months ago from


After a couple hours work I had this:


which in this photo needs ironing…

But it’s super cute-super comfy and with a belt, wearable to work!

Hopefully I can find appropriate fabrics for the other pattern I purchased (for $1 on sale!) and can continue to fill my wardrobe with my own creations.

And now for the Master Card Breakdown:

Fabric: $2.99/yd

Pattern: $1

Thread: Already owned

Time: 2 hours

Having women in your office gasping when you told them you made it last night: Priceless.

And yes-this is a $4 dress.