Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I’ve always thought that Charlie resembled Adam more than me:



The one exception was the first picture I ever saw of her when I was in recovery:newborn


Then there was this picture from her 3 month portrait:charlie 3 mo It seemed that it was only pictures of her when she was on her side she looked like me.

Then my mom dressed her in one of my old outfits today, and I remembered I had a picture of myself in that outfit…so I fished it out…and about fell out of my chair…we’re doing the EXACT same thing!TWINSIES

Crazy, isn’t it?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend Firsts

We had a good weekend. It was my mom’s first weekend back so Adam and I took advantage of a live in babysitter and had a date Saturday night. Our first since the baby was born! I had purchased a discount coupon for a new wine bar in Ybor and thought it would make a fun date night.


I changed my clothes 4 times before finally going back to my first outfit, which included my sparkle shoes that Adam got me for Valentines.


They were probably a little too fancy for the location, but I didn’t care! We had dinner at Tampa Bay Brewing Co. (location of our first date) then we headed to the wine bar where we each got a tasting flight.


After the 5 samples we still had $ to spend so we decided to buy a bottle…then they informed us we could drink some and take the rest home. It was nine o’clock and my mom told us it was too early to leave so we had a glass and watched Michigan take on Syracuse.

Side note: 1 beer, 5 samples & a glass of wine is not a good thing to tackle on your first night back on the wagon. 4 am I was up…and it was not pretty :(

Sunday we had planned on going to the beach for the first time this year…and Charlie’s first visit ever! After church we packed up and headed out. I was trying my hardest not to die and drink as much water as i could. :/ After a subway stop and picking up my friend Kristi we finally made it to the beach 2 hrs after we left! It was hot and busy so mom bought us two cabana’s on the beach and we popped up Charlie’s new beach tent.

It was time for Ms. C to eat so we got situated under the cabana and tried to nurse. It was hot…I felt like crap…and for some reason Charlie was not happy. We tried this for about 30 minutes before I finally gave up. Luckily I had put some single serving formula samples in the diaper bag (and a bottle) so grandma gave her that and she gulped it down! After that she was the happiest baby at the beach! I was so lucky my mom was there to help out!


Adam got a round of Pina Coladas and I started to feel a little better.

beach 3 clip_image002[15]

With a full belly Charlie napped like a pro in the comfort of her own cabana.


When the cabana rentals closed up at 5:00 we headed to the pool to meet up with Tara. Charlie nursed once more (much better this time) before we headed home to a bath, pizza and Mad Men.


It was so nice to get back to the beach. Adam and I love going so much. We talked about that first summer we dated and how we spent every weekend there. Hopefully we’ll be able to do that again and Charlie will become an beach bum like her parents.

beach 2

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We've got a wine problem...

Problem isn't that we don't have wine.
Problem is that we don't have any place to put all our wine!

What you can't see are the two cases under the desk on the other side or the full wine rack (10 bottles) in the living room or the new case that was recently added....sheesh!

I won't go into WHY we have all this wine...but don't worry, we're not alcoholics...but we do have it and we're both sick of tripping over it!

So in true Adam&Stephanie fashion in order to solve our storage problem we've designed a new piece of furniture to hold SOME of this wine and liquor.  It was also very important to build it soon as it will replace a very tippy shelf that holds a lot of glassware that will become a hazard in a couple months when someone decides she's sick of lying on her back in one spot :)
Like all the pieces we've designed, first and foremost, we wanted something functional. I'm a firm believe in the form follows function philosophy. (opening up a can of architectural worms!) We also wanted it to be in similar style to what we already have.  In the end I chose to follow the design of our end tables…


…over that of our Ikea Hutch.P9240077
Anyway…here is what we’ve come up with.

front 2

right 2 left 2 The lower portion is a cabinet, that will have a door on the back side as well, to hold liquor and glasses and..well more stuff! Don’t worry, it will definitely be lockable!

The idea with the two doors is that it is a 4-sided piece. That way when we move, we won’t be stuck putting it only one way in a room. It could be used perpendicular to a wall (as a room divider) or on the left or right side of a room.

I don’t know when Adam will get to building it (he’s hoping soon) but we’ll definitely share the finished product with you.  We’re happy with the way it’s shaping up and look forward to getting the majority of those bottles off our floor!