Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I am shocked.
Beyond shocked. Floored. amazed completely and utterly surprised.
I am pregnant.
when my period didn't come the day it was supposed to, or the next day or the next I finally took a test.  I had spotting earlier in the week, once, so i thought "that's it, I'm not pregnant" And just started the waiting game.
Well i am. When i went back into the bathroom after the 3 min and saw that second line i burst into tears. I honestly couldn't believe it. I really didn't think i'd get pregnant again, and i was OK with it. I was shaking i was so surprised. I told charlie and when i asked her what was in mommy's belly she said  a baby.
When Adam got home from work an hour or so later i told him. He looked a little confused as he crawled into bed. It wasn't the reaction i was expecting since he didn't feel good, but he's excited and happy.
I actually told Tara first because i was so freaked out and Adam didn't answer his phone. she's excited. Heck i'm excited. I'm nervous, scared, but i'm definitely excited.
I love Charlie so much, and i think the thing that worries me the most is how i can spread that love. but i'm sure i'll be able to do it. :)

Right now i'm feeling good. Gassy and bit crampy my breasts feel heavy but that's it. Oh and i'm tired, but i'm always tired. Also i'm super hungry all the time and i can smell anything from a mile away.
Lets hope these next 4 weeks go smoothly.
At work today i'm feeling a twinge queesy. almost like i have nerves.
but i am still very very apprehensive about this pregnancy. i think it's because of the spotting i had a week ago...Adam said call your dr. if you're worried. But you know, what is my Dr. going to be able to do... So as of now i'm just holding tight and hoping all goes well! i will call my dr. soon to schedule the apt...but i'm still just not convinced this is the real deal...

6 weeks and the queasiness is kicking in. Nothing bed binding, but it's annoying non the less. like i could be sick at any min. This whole thing is still so surreal. I go see the dr. tomorrow. Adam has a meeting so I'm going solo. So different this time around. But new job and new responsibilities i guess. It still really hasn't sunk in and when i do start to think seriously about it and having another child it does kind of freak me out. But i know we'll adjust and do fine and love # 2 just as much as we do our Charlie girl. The dr. office called to let me know they got the first round of blood tests back and it was high with the HCG i'm def pregnant. I've told Stephanie, Felicia, Tara and accidentally Alyssa and Leah-and possibly Josh. oops. My parents are i think i may tell them after i see the dr...but we'll see. I'm just wishy washy about this whole thing.  I guess after i see the little bugger it will get real really fast :)

8.5 weeks. So after being drop dead tired and queezy all day long i woke up this week feeling completely normal. It didn't even hurt when i took off my bra. So of course I worry that something is array. I really really don't think i will be ok/comfortable with all this until after our next appointment at 10 weeks. The first dr. apt confirmed my pregnancy and put me a few days ahead of where we calculated. We will stay with the Nov 1 due date however. I did take another test this week, Stephanie said to do it to help me feel better. But i just think back to my first pregnancy where i didn't know for 3 weeks that i had miscarried! I didn't even have any signs other than the little bit of blood on the TP.
So as happy as we'll be to have another child I just can't get excited until i'm a little further along. I still don't believe it. Especially when I'm feeling this normal!
We did tell my parents when they were down here and they are so excited, but under strict orders to keep mum! Joseph and Jen know as do Jimmy and Monica. We will tell Adam's dad after our apt on the 8th. Then I guess we'll see if we let the cat out of the bag.

17.5 weeks. This pregnancy has been super easy. Like I said before after 8 weeks I've felt fine. But since then we've gotten to see our little bugger on the big screen (and he measured way bigger!) Yes, I said HE. It's a boy. Nuts, crazy and so lucky that we will get one of each. My due date is now moved to the 26th of October, so baby will come around the 20th. So far all is well and progressing smoothly. Fingers crossed it continues this way for the next 22 weeks. The name game has begun and I think it will be a long drawn out game...kind of like these NHL playoffs! ha ha ha