Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bump Watch 2012

The most common question I get is “Do you have a bump yet?” And for the first 18-ish weeks I said “nope”. Finally at 20 weeks I am starting to show. But I still think it looks like I’m fat or bloated.

Adam and I had very good intensions of taking pictures every week or every month…but with out much change in the bump department, we slacked and only snapped 3 pictures in the first 5 months.

So here for your viewing pleasure is the up-to-date evolution of my baby belly.

Four weeks

2 days after finding out.

11 weeks copy

Still not much going on.

20 weeks

Finally, something to show for!

We’re going to try and do them every week from now on.  Fingers crossed we remember to do it and I’m not to tired to get into my leggings!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is that it??

Well we’ve made it to 19 weeks! And I still don’t look pregnant. (So no cute bump pictures.) I do feel a lot better so I’m not going to complain.

Everyone keeps asking if I have felt her move yet. And I keep saying no.  I read that at first it feels like someone tickling you from the inside or like gas bubbles.  And honestly I haven’t felt that.

I have felt a random something every once in a while. But if I’m not paying attention, I don’t notice it. It’s more like if someone touches your arm.  which could be anything…like a house that is settling, but only it’s my body. Could be I’m hungry, or that I moved to quick and jostled my organs…But my mother informed today that That’s it!. I don’t believe her…that can’t be what they describe. If it is, it’s a miracle anyone even pinpointed that as fetal movement. I seriously doubt it. I do have all sorts of pains from my round ligament that feels like an uncomfortable stretch and some sharp jabs, but my DR. informed me that those are all normal.

But we’ll see. I told Adam “there’s no way this can be our kid and not be moving around” But then he reminded me that on lazy days we don’t move to much…so maybe she's just having a lazy day.

I’m sure I’ll be getting kicked and popping out here soon enough. And hopefully when I do I realize what’s going on and not chalk it up to my intestines.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our little Girl

Yes, I have been the worlds worst blogger. I apologize.

Here are some pictures to make it up to you.


She has fabulous cheekbones


And a killer smile


And very possibly my nose Smile

18w2d. All is good. Todays ultra sound was a level 2. So they counted all her parts and pieces. As far as they could tell she’s perfect. I am feeling good and just starting to notice a little bump, but only when I lay flat on my back.

We are excited and anxious for the next 22 weeks to go by so that we can bring our little Charlie home.