Thursday, November 10, 2011

The End…Tables

I don’t believe it…but Adam has built and finished the end tables!!  The dining table on the other hand…is slowly getting there…over a year later!
Good/Bad Adam hasn’t been working at all the last few weeks at SpaceWerks, so he’s had time to work on stuff around the house and use the machines at space works to build the tables.Another plus, He was able to get most if not all the wood for free by using ‘scraps’ leftover at SpaceWerks. 
He used Walnut plywood for the tops of the table and poplar for the portions we were painting white.  The glass for the shelves he ordered from a local glass place.  Once he had all the pieces cut he brought them home and started to put it all together.
We used Acrylacq, the same stuff we used on our dining table, on the tops.  Adam kept saying how much he loved the way it brings out the beauty of the wood. And it does and finish's with a nice not to shiny shine.
After four days of clamping, gluing, staining, painting he finally sent me a picture of the finished product.  I couldn’t wait to get home and see it in person. 
He did an awesome job. 
I’ve had this pair of lamps since Adam and I first started dating. They were my grandparents and I found them w/o shades in the back of a closet. Knowing granny they were probably a $2 thrift store purchase, but I just loved them and their retro look.  So for $50 they were packaged up and put on an airplane.  Adam re-wired them for me a while back and we’ve been using one in our living room while the other sat on the floor in the guest room. But now they each have their own modern table and bring a nice glow to the entire space!
I love how the room is starting to feel cohesive and planned vs. thrown together.  It feels…grown up. And it’s about time.PB080395
It is so fun to see something you designed become reality. And in my job you’d think that happens a lot, but in actuality I’ve only seen a handful of the projects I’ve worked on actually become built…it’s the nature of the business.
Someday Adam and I hope to have the space, time and money to do this more seriously and maybe even start a business…but for right now I’m going to enjoy our new tables and my grown up room.

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