Friday, November 4, 2011

K-9 Santa

Well Christmas came early for the doggies in house! For a while now I’ve been wanting to get Gretta a dog collar. (I had yet to buy her anything!)  And I decided I wanted to get her a Western Michigan collar. (My Alma Mater) But I hadn’t had any luck finding anything…I checked both book stores and google, but nobody carried WMU.
Then Adam got into the search and the 1st webpage he tired had it!
Well as I was getting all excited I had found Gretta her new collar I realized that there were two dogs in the room with us who could use new collars too. (have to be fair)
So we started looking for NCSU (Adam’s Alma Mater) And then I realized Bruiser should have an NCSU collar because he’s from North Carolina, Gretta is from Michigan so she gets WMU and Jordan, well she’s from Florida, and wouldn’t you know it, but this chick went to USF! So Jordan got a University of South Florida collar rounding our all of our colleges.
So of course, when the collars came in this week I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give them to the dogs-so they got them early.  PB020358
Bruiser is still getting used to his (as it’s a bit bigger than his old one).
Gretta will get hers after thanksgiving, when my parents come down. My dad said that she has to wear a blaze orange one so that hunters and drivers can see her-but I reminded him that she IS orange. But for safety's sake maybe she’ll wear just for game days and special occasions.
I’m usually not that big into college gear, but this  was fun and it’s nice that each of the dogs are representing their home state and the schools that took all of our money !

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