Tuesday, June 25, 2013


How is it already June? Heck, how is my baby already 6.5 months old?!?!  I have been a bad blogger, but hopefully that means a good mommy.

232323232-fp543-4-nu=32-7-689-856-WSNRCG=38;987656632-nu0mrj Charlie is doing wonderful. She is strong, bright, happy, fun and just a joy to be around. Right now she is working on crawling. CRAWLING. I still can’t get over it. She gets on her belly pushes up on her arms and lifts that tummy up…then straightens out her legs! The girl planks. and in some cases almost does a downward dog! I know it’s not long now and she’ll be moving forward instead of backward (as she does now) Time to baby proof the house.

So since it has been an awful long time since my last update, I'm going to do this the easy way and bullet out some highlights.

  • Charlie started daycare in May with Ms. Jones. She is happy there and loves playing with her 6 yr old grand daughter Asha.
  • We had her baptism on May 18th and all her family came! we had a great time and she was a good little girl for the whole thing.


  • She started on some rice cereal around 5 months. She really liked the spoon. 2013-05-13 18.52.59
  • We started her on solids @ 6 months. Banana was her first food. She’s also had avocado, broccoli, peas, carrots, apples, strawberries, breadsticks, pears and sweet potatoes. Ms. Jones is doing the puree’s and we’re doing self feeding. Watching her squish an avocado and try to put it in her mouth is pretty funny.P6162502
  • She had her first airplane ride to visit Aunt Jen and Uncle Joe in Minneapolis. She was a great baby on the plane; she received two pairs of wings. She also started sitting up on the plane. P5222335
  • Charlie sits up all by herself. She still doesn’t want to roll from her belly to her back (she can) but she can go from her back to her belly. image001
  • She’s graduated to the highchair and the shopping cart when we go out now. She loves it. Holds on like a big girl and smiles at everyone who passes.2013-05-30 20.00.52 2013-06-02 11.42.37 
  • She loves standing. Adam stands her up at the coffee table and he lets go sometimes…and she just stands. “why don’t you just give her the keys to the car” I tell him. Pic 11
  • speaking of cars. we bought a new one. Honda CR-V. Haven’t driven it yet, it’s in Michigan. We will soon though. IMG_0762
  • and on the spending money we don’t have front, we bought a new air conditioner. that was a nice surprise after buying a car. NOT! ;)
  • I had a work trip this past month. It was my first time away from Charlie overnight…2 nights. We both survived just fine.2013-06-10 07.34.04
  • Charlie has been weaned off swaddling and the sound machine. She still uses her pacifier.  2013-05-24 15.31.40
  • Found out she can, and does, hold her own bottle. at day care. at home…not so much.
  • We bought her a cup this past weekend. She can grab it and put it in her mouth, but hasn't figured out she needs to tip it up yet. Right now it’s just a good teething toy :)
  • Speaking of teeth…there are none yet. 2013-06-15 09.23.32
  • She sleeps really good still. bedtime is around 8 and she wakes up around 5 to eat then finds her way into our bed around 6…2013-06-24 07.07.56
  • I’m still nursing much to my surprise. But I think my days of pumping are numbered. Fine by me. 2013-06-03 20.15.52
  • We saw real tears for the first time last weekend. I caused them. She was eating a strawberry and a broke off a big chunk I wasn’t comfortable with. So i swiped it out of her mouth. You’d swear I'd stuck a knife in her heart. I’ve never seen her more upset.
  • She fake cries a lot. Girl is schooling us. And i think she knows what she’s doing. We’re in trouble. IMG_20130508_183840
  • She’s mastered the happy baby pose. Feet in mouth as soon as the diaper comes off. I even noticed she had wet socks the other day. Baby girl loves to eat her feet. 2013-06-05 19.48.52
  • I cleaned out her 6 month clothes. she’s now in the 6-9/9/9-12 months. eeek. 17+lbs and 26.5” She’s getting big!! 1

Well I think that about sums it up. We love her. She’s the best. Everyone agrees, so it must be true. If you haven’t met her yet, you will…soon :)