Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy Birthday dear.

31 years ago, my prince charming was born, at noon, I was told this morning, very early before the sun came up.  I took him to the airport.
Adam is now 35,000 feet above the earth...nearing Georgia.  He's headed to Washington D.C. today for a tournament.  He'll get to spend the day with his cousin Luke and his fiance Leanne.  He'll hang out with the guys and get dirty and sweaty.  Then he gets to see my cousin Jill and her family before coming back home to me late Sunday night.

To my wonderful husband. Who I think was the cutest baby, Happy Birthday honey.  I wish I was up there with you, celebrating your day with you.  I wish I could be there cheering you on or rubbing your soar feet.  (yes I just wished to rub his feet)
Instead I will celebrate here in spirit and hope that you're day is as special as all of your birthdays.
30 years

It's your day baby-eat it up-enjoy it-and make a wish!

Last years cake

Monday, August 23, 2010

Change is in the air

Change is good-usually. 
Change is exciting, new, scary.
I have never been one to adapt well to change. I’ve only made 3 big leaps in my life.
1. Going to college-I was sooo ready.
2. Moving to Florida-scary and exciting.
3. Getting married-or more so-living with Adam! I’m used to it now :)
I do remember one change that I was NOT happy about. Jonathan.
Yep, my little brother. 
I recall throwing a HUGE temper tantrum when I found out my mom was pregnant-I was 10 years old. I’m talking lock myself in the bathroom and cry in the shower screaming that she was ruining our family temper tantrum.
Fast forward 8 months-I was the proudest big sister on the block and I loved that little boy so much.  He was my special little man. I got over the change-and it was good.
There have also been deaths, breakups, jobs, roommates…but I’ve gotten through them all.  I’ve survived the changes life has thrown me. Those are easy.
It’s the changes that YOU chose, that scare the crap out of me. Those BIG decisions that will change EVERYTHING.
We may be in the midst of one of those right now.  Adam is, as I type this, interviewing for jobs…in North Carolina.
It had been my prompting to get out of Florida.  Our decision to move closer to family. But now that it may be real…I'm scared. I’m nervous. Our whole life could change.
But as I listened to him recount his first interview to me, the excitement in his voice, his happiness, I relaxed.
As I touched down last night, alone, in Tampa, I thought “I wish I wasn’t landing here”.
Yep change is in the air.  We may not have a change of seasons here in Florida, but we’re making our own.  The Young’s they are a changin’.  We’re moving forward, together, happy, healthy and in love.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 a.m.

I woke up last night at 3 a.m.
The light from my phone charges was annoyingly bright so I rolled over to unplug it from the wall. 
As my eyes adjusted I noticed our wedding throw on the floor. It’s cream colored and super soft.
And Bruiser was curled up snoozing away on it!
I quickly swatted him and told him to get off.  He growled at being woken up from his island of fluff before realizing he’d gotten caught and scurried back under the bed.
As I rolled over (and accidently clocked Adam in the head) I wondered what else goes on in the house while we’re sleeping……

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Husband who?

That is what it feels like lately. We have opposite schedules-or more so Adam is busy.   We spent 30 minutes together yesterday before I ran off to a concert with some friends.  A tough decision to go, but it's good to have girl time too. 

Frisbee practice will only last another 2.5 months-so that's good, but then I start teaching dance on Monday and will be gone mon/thur nights myself!  I'm actually kind of nervous.  Teaching ballet is one of those things that i could just drop what I was doing and conduct a class-in a dress and heals if need be. But now-after a 14 month hiatus, i  worry, can i still represent?  We shall see.

Adam's new job is not working out too well. Granted he only had a 3 day work week his first week and only had 1 sale.  This week he has yet to get one, but he will be working Saturday and Sunday ( insert sad face) but hopefully they will be busy and he can make some sales.  He's not enjoying standing around all day and not getting paid for he's continuing to look.  Luckily his other job will let him come in to do more work.

I feel for him, he's been trying very hard to find something, and he's not given up.  I know that God has a plan for us ( I hope it's good :) ) so we just have to be patient and wait it out.  It only makes us stronger.
My job has signed 2 big contracts so that is good-however my work load hasn't picked up yet...soon.

August will be busy, outside of starting my new job, we will be traveling to NC for Kylie's baptism and Adam to D.C. for a tournament...on his Birthday.  I have a feeling it will fly by, where July creeped, it will be September before we know it.  And time for another trip to Michigan.

Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm a bum

This past weekend Adam was in North Carolina for a Frisbee tournament and I stayed behind to watch the dogs.  Lucky him got to see Kylie and spend all day Friday with her.  He sent me some pictures while I was at work-and I can't wait to see her in 3 more weeks.

Pictures courtesy of Alyssa

I did something this weekend that i haven't done in a loooonnnng time. probably since before i met Adam.
Ab. so. lut. ly.
I don't even think i got dressed Saturday. I did shower before i went to bed ;)
Wait...I did Vacuum, laundry 3 loads, iron the wrinkly and sewed a new little dress.  But outside of those few chores nothing. i watched movies, napped, took the dogs out and made makeshift dinners out of left overs.

As much as the practical man that lives in my brain said-stop waisting the day-I could not, did not, want to do anything.

I was a bum on purpose.  I even laughed about it when I called Tara asking for motivation...she needed the same.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I don't know when I'll have that opportunity again. I grabbed it and seized.

Adam returned late last night-it was nice to have someone else in the house again.  We're back to work and our regular week.  Adam is at his new job-and we're still waiting to see if it's going to be a good fit....
I start teaching next week Monday! Guess I should start stretching.

We hope you all had a lovely weekend, bums or no bums, and that your week is quick and productive.  Saturday is only 5 days away.