Saturday, December 12, 2009


It has been a while since our last update.  The newlyweds have been having fun with friends, family and of course each other.  We successfully attempted and hosted our first Thanksgiving Dinner-barely.  The night before our good friends had a potluck-in Gulf Port.  So having a few dishes done for Thursday we thought it was good to go over.  However the next morning Adam quickly realized (at 9 am) that he forgot to take the turkey out the night before-it was still in the fridge. woops.  Luckily it had been in there a few days and some warm water helped.  We began preparing around 930.  Dinner was supposed to be served at 3pm.  Our friends Ty, Tara & Mr. Big City were coming over-with 3 dogs.  Yes-5 people-5 dogs!  Oh and for those who don't know-We do not have a yard, but two dogs of our own :).  Anyway back to dinner.  Adam was in charge of the turkey, stuffing, gravy and Mashed potatoes.  I did the sides, soup and a pudding.  So come 3 pm we're ready to go-only we're missing 2 guests-Tara & Ty.  About 345 they show up-City has already taken his pre-dinner nap and i think Bruiser had already pee'd on Jordan (so she got a quick bath and bruiser went in the cage)  We finally sit down and eat at   4...turkey is delish-but cold.  Cauliflower is hot, but way over cooked.  Beans-not cooked long enough.  But the soup was perfect-Yams-yum yum.  Adam said he was going to work on the stuffing for next year-gravy too.  I said he can no longer make the mashed potatoes as we almost had an incident when i told him to put more butter in and he threatened to walk out of the kitchen.


After dinner we enjoyed Tara's two pies and a night full of Beatles Rock Band and of course Leftovers!
oh and to finish off the crazy holiday after i had gone to bed-Adam & Bruiser got bit buy a neighbor dog! Both are fine now-but they were both pretty shooken up.

The next holiday we celebrated was my birthday! I turned 31 this year and Adam took me to the dessert room at Burns Steak House.  If you're ever in Tampa you must go-it is a real treat and it was Adam's first time.  We sat in a large converted Wine Cask and had our own private radio.  We ordered some liquors and had Banana's Foster served table side. OH so good!! then after we headed a block down to Bella's Italian restaurant were we could barely finish our food.  Dessert first was a good idea.  Today Adam is taking me out shopping for a new outfit-my present! I love shopping but have gotten pretty good about not going overboard and shop about a 1/4 of what i used to.

Last night we put up our 1st tree together.  Adam owns a fake tree-and i seriously thought about saving the $ and using that-but in the end i needed a real tree.  So i searched on line and home Depot had a $26 tree sale. :) We have nice 7' Douglas fir that smells so good and looks pretty in our living room.

Tonight we are out to join our friends and 200 other in an event called Santarchy.  Everyone dresses up as Holiday characters/Santa and parades bar to bar singing Christmas carols and spreading holiday cheer while having lots of beer.  We'll see how we are fairing tomorrow, but I'm sure there will be some pictures.

We hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday.  We will be heading up north to my parents and hope that all the snow they recently got will still be there.