Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sunday’s for the Dogs

This past Sunday was a gorgeous day. Not too hot, breezy and clear sunny sky's. After church I told Adam we should take the dogs out and enjoy this day.  When I got home I mistakenly asked Jordan if she wanted to go to the park. Well she went nuts. So for the next 30 minuets while we tried to get our stuff together she whined and jumped around while Bruiser bit her back legs.

We made our way south to a new-to-us park; Pine Island. It’s the southern most point on the Tampa peninsula. As we drove south we noticed the area got more rundown and then turned industrial with lots of ship yards.  But when we finally reached the park we realized that the little oasis was a gem we waited way too long to discover it.

We first drove past  the dog beach area and wound around to the end of the park.  We got out and walked all the way to the tip.  From there we could see downtown St. Pete , Apollo Beach, and The Sunshine Skyway.  With the help of Adams telephoto lens the view was a little clearer.

After a little while we hopped back into the car and drove back to the dog beach area.  We were pleasantly surprised to see such a large stretch of beach nicely fenced in but we were weary about all the other dogs.  We let them off their leashes and for the most part they did very well. Bruiser still would bark at the bigger dogs, but Jordan actually went out into the water with Adam. We were so proud of our non swimming lab.  When we figured the dogs were well worn out we loaded them back into the car and headed downtown.

A quick search on our phones let us know that there was a small pavilion bar on the river that not only let dogs come, but also provided water bowl and treats.  We parked downtown and walked toward the waterfront where we enjoyed a cool beer and some live music. 

Our Lap Dogs…


Bruisers first ride on an escalator! (Jordan's too)P1290876

When we finally got home both dogs found their favorite spots on the floor and called it a day and Adam snoozed on the couch. It truly was a fun, beautiful day.

Friday, January 27, 2012


Hello friends! I had every intention of posting this week about our little getaway…but here we are already to Friday.

I woke up this morning with song in my head:

Adam has a job interview this morning. Fingers crossed it’s something that would be worth his while.  This weekend is unplanned and open…so hopefully we can get all sorts of stuff done that we skipped out on last weekend, like buying grocery’s.

We hope everyone has a great weekend…I know some of you will be skiing, just know that we are super duper jealous.

Happy Friday and Good Morning!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

301 North

A few Saturdays ago we decided to hop in the car and head north on US-301.  We had intentions of stopping off at Hillsborough River state park so that Adam could work on his photography.  As we drove along…just see what there was…I began to realize a need for a cup of coffee.  So after going through Zephyrhills (yikes) I found a coffee shop on the map in Dade City. 

We figured this would be a good place to get some lunch and then turn around and hit up the state park.  Looking on the map there wasn’t much north and we had driven for about 30 minuets. So as we drove on all of a sudden Adam goes-“HILLS!” and sure enough we were driving on a rarity in Florida-honest to goodness real hills lined with Orange groves.

As we entered Dade City (a place neither of us had been) we realized there was an antique car show going on and the downtown area was peppered with shops.  We were pleasantly surprised.  We parked and headed to the coffee shop, grabbed some lunch, then decided to explore this little town.


We spent the next 4 hours in and out of antique shops (Adam loves old things & I love to shop-so it’s win win).  We had so much fun walking hand in hand down the street, pointing out interesting finds and even purchasing a few things! 

The first was something I spotted I thought my mother might like; a mink stole. I have one and she always says how much she wants one. So I called her and got the ok and even got the lady to lower the price $25.  Best part is it comes with a cute pill box hat. 

The next item we bought we actually had walked away from, but I knew Adam was intrigued since he was researching the piece on the internet (via phone). Finally after sitting on a park bench and discussing the “we don’t NEED it, save money…ect.” I called my dad and had him do an eBay search.  It was a 45 piece silver plate flatware set from the 20’s (we think).  And no we don’t NEED silverware in the least bit, but for some reason we were both drawn to it. Adam the history and value and me the homemaker aspects and passing it down to our grandchildren.  We finally went back in and Adam offered the lady $20 less than the asking price and we got it. I spent that evening polishing every piece-and it looks great now!


After we finished up at our 10th antique store we headed back on the road for home as the sun was making it’s decent and the moon was already mid sky.  Luckily there was still plenty of light to stop off at the groves and grab a few pictures. 

IMG_8033 IMG_8030 And of course, smell the orange blossoms! (one of my favorite scents. The others, Coppertone sunscreen and fresh cut wood )IMG_8034

We really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.  It was fun driving around and seeing what there is within 30 minutes of our house, discovering new spots and mostly spending time together.  Quality, uninterrupted/distracted, fun time. 

If you’re ever visiting and want a fun day trip-go to Dade City. 1st Saturday of every month is the car show and the last weekend in January is the Kumquat festival. We highly recommend it.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Super Long Post

Ok, Here it is…our super duper up-to-date what we’ve been up to post.

Where did we leave off?

My birthday…Adam made me my favorite cake. It wasn’t as good as moms, but it was pretty good…especially for breakfast.


Ok, on to the rest of December:

After much contemplation I did something that I’ve never done before.

Put up a fake tree.


After my birthday (which is the ok date to put up a tree) Adam had to work a few nights…making our tree time limited. But I decided that 1. we must have a tree 2. it was silly to go out and buy a tree to put up for a week only to leave it to die.  So on a Tuesday night he pulled his fake tree out of the attic and I plugged in a pine scented air freshener thing. We played Christmas music and drank eggnog while we had fun unpacking our ornaments.  The joke of  the night: Look a ballerina ornament…ya, I said that at least 7 times.  We probably only have 20 different ornaments…so it’s a pretty big ratio.  Scooby Do was #2 with 4 and the Smurfs followed with 2.

IMG_7866When we finally finished christmafying the house we sat back and enjoyed the view…and it began to feel a little more like Christmas.

The next week was spent finishing up last minute detail before we took off.  We had a nice evening BBQ-ing at Krista’s house where we ended up staying up till almost 3am playing a board game! (that is rare for me!) The next day, we got to go skating at the Forum for Adam’s Christmas party.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Then later while wasting time before church we drove around the neighborhoods looking at all the lights on the houses (trying to still get in the spirit-it’s hard to do in Florida!) Then right before we headed to the 7pm service, I looked at the bulletin in the car and realized that while we were wasting time before mass…mass was going on. oops. Mental note: Sunday night service is at 6pm!!!

Thursday before Christmas my office had a “party” of sorts. My boss took us out for the afternoon on his boat and we drank champagne and toured downtown via river. 

PC220616 PC220608

I had to leave early since we were heading to North Carolina that day, so Adam picked me up and off we went to the Tar Heal State. (Adam hates that name)

Christmas. This was my 1st year not spending Christmas with my family. And you know what…I was ok and I know they were all glad we were there.  We had a great time with Adams family.  We had a lovely dinner Christmas eve-and everyone pitched in. 

IMG_7877 Adam and I went to mass at a very very small church in a neighboring town.  I’m talking 3 people to a pew small! Adam actually sat behind me! Welcome to the south where the tea is sweet, the biscuits hot, and the Catholics few.

Christmas morning poor kylie was still sick-but we had fun watching her open her gifts and putting them together so she could play. 

IMG_7887Zoe was a trooper and open up her gifts like a pro ;)IMG_7884 IMG_7885IMG_7894

IMG_7881 IMG_7882IMG_7957


And yes, Aunt Stephanie Made the girls matching outfits.

IMG_7962 IMG_7927   Grandpa loves his girls…IMG_7955

We had a nice lunch before everyone had to head to other Christmas's and we stayed on with Russ and had a quiet evening of cards, movies and leftovers. 

On Monday we were able to spend the afternoon back at Alyssa's before heading back to Tampa.

Kylie got her own trampoline for Christmas…and she had a blast jumping.

IMG_7991 IMG_7994 

We got home around 1 am and were greeted by happy dogs.  I quickly dumped out my suite case and loaded up what I could.  I was leaving the next morning for Michigan.

Yep. I was busy. 4 states in 24 hours.

Adam dropped me off at 10:30 am the next morning before he went to work. He had to stay behind, as it was a busy event full week at the Forum. We said our goodbyes and I boarded yet another AirTran flight for Grand Rapids.

Felicia picked me up and we headed to Pentwater, arriving just in time for cocktails.  We exchanged gifts and had a fun night playing games.  PC270707


PC270710The rest of the week was spent relaxing and having an overall good time. PC280722PC280737Teaching Jen how to be Polish

PC280743Quality time with Ms Gretta Lee

The night before Jonathans birthday we took the big 22 year old to the antler and showed him a good time.



Then the next day we had a family get together and it was great seeing some of my cousins…some who I hadn’t seen since my wedding!  PC290799 PC290800 PC290803PC290802Dad took everyone for a ride in his new duck-6-wheeler. all the kids thought they were at Walley World.PC290804 They packed right in!PC290809 New Image

Joseph and Jen left mid day on Thursday, so by the time Friday rolled around it was pretty quiet.  I was able to see my oldest friend, Joelle, and catch up with her an her family. And we even got to tour the old house she used to live in. Talk about flashbacks!

My last night in town we headed to the eagles bowling lanes (an old high school hangout!) it was $1 night-$1 shoes, $1 games AND $1 Beers. Only in Oceana County!


The big Labowski!PC300812


Saturday Jonathan and I headed out and and I hopped back on a plane back to Florida.  Adam had left a car at the airport for me (uggg that’s a story in itself)

Quick version: In an effort to save $ on Cab fare, he dropped a car off the day before. But then spent $124 getting back home (a trip to the casino is cause for $100 of it!)

Anyway. I headed into town on New Years Eve where Adam was finishing up work, but by 10:30 I was tired and anxious to get home. so I rang in the new year sitting on the couch, eating mac n cheese watching a lame 90’s movie while bruiser barked at Busch Gardens fireworks display. It was perfect-and just what I needed.  Adam came home around 12:30. We spent the next day with friends and finished it relaxing at home. 

So that’s our holidays in a nut shell…or a really long blog post.

Happy New Year! May 2012 be your best year yet!!

In Need of an Update...

Hi, It's been a while! (sorry Joe)  We've been busy and do have lots to share and update you all on...but finding the time to sit down and do it all has been rare.  The holidays were crazy and we're finally coming down from our sugar high and our livers are returning to the proper shade of pink ;)  I promise a FULL super long DEC/JAN update soon. Maybe tonight...maybe tomorrow night....or maybe in a week :)  We hope you all survived the holidays! Happy New Year. A+S