Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Project Pie: Weeks 18 & 19

I’ve been slacking on the pie posts. We have continued to make pie, but I’ve been lacking the enthusiasm in this whole pie project. Maybe it’s because the holidays are coming up. The next 4 weeks have a lot for us: thanksgiving, Charlie's bday, my bday and Christmas. So I’m a little distracted.

But on week 18 Adam found himself in the chapter that held both Pumpkin and Pecan pie. So he decided to make both. Yep, he made two pies in one week. hr_0840_534_043__0840534043009The pecan pie was so good our daycare provider asked if he’d make her one for her thanksgiving dinner. The pumpkin pie was also good, but I’m not a huge pumpkin pie fan so I’m not a good judge. Adam said it was good. Tomorrow he’ll be making more pecan pies. hr_0840_534_562__0840534562009Last week I was on refrigerator pies and since Publix had a sale on fresh raspberries I chose Raspberry Chiffon pie. IMG_2055

I asked Adam to make my crust since he’s really good at it and I didn’t feel like making one (and my lack of enthusiasm).  The pie itself was pretty simple. Just a lot of cooling and chilling and things like that. I really enjoyed licking the spoon too…it was yummy!IMG_2056IMG_2057IMG_2058IMG_2060

When it was finally ready to eat I was pleasantly surprised how much it tasted like my grandmas go to Christmas dessert: Raspberry Fluff (insert grandma “do you know how expensive raspberries are getting? I don’t think I can make it next year” but she did)


The pie probably could have been a little more set. I may have not cooked the Jell-O as much as I should or got it hot enough, but it was still edible without making a huge mess and we all enjoy it!

This week I reminded Adam it was his turn to make a pie and he’s on Ice Cream… I have a feeling we might be skipping this week since he’s already making pecan pies! Besides I’m pretty sure an ice cream pie would be perfect for Charlie’s Birthday week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Project Pie:Week 17

I got to chose the cream pie this week and my choice?

S’moreIMG_1899It looked pretty easy to make so I tackled it one morning before I left on a business trip.

I bought the crust (I know I’m such a cheater) And I planned to use the Hershey's bars Charlie got from trick or treating so there wasn’t much I needed to get.


Well of course when you think something will be quick and easy, It never is. First off one of my yokes broke. So I was trying to get yoke out of my whites. Second I realized as I was mixing in the vanilla pudding we had at the house the word “regular” was italicized and it made me think, what do they mean. Well one quick glance at my instant pudding mix box I realized that in 1978 they probably had a choice…cooktop pudding or instant. So 15 minutes later I’m still stirring and waiting for my mixture the thicken. In the end I figured I could deal with it when I got back from my trip and thicken it up with some tapioca.


Flash forward 2 days I get home and the pudding is pretty think and chilled in my fridge. So I decide I’ll just use it and I assemble my pie and start to beat the egg whites.


And I’m beating and beating and beating. While I’m beating I see the Tips section for making meringue. 1. Use room temperature eggs (pulled mine right out of the fridge) 2. Any small amount of yoke could ruin the meringue (we all know how that went) IMG_1895

Finally after a good 20 min my whites formed stiff peaks and I was able to get the pie in the oven. Then I cooled it before I put it in the fridge to chill.


Charlie went to bed and we cut into it looking forward to some gooey goodness. It wasn’t really gooey, you call it runny. IMG_1902

Overall the flavor was there. But the chocolate and the marshmallows hadn’t melted at all. And because there were only chocolate pieces some bites didn’t even have any. The pudding mix basically took over.  In the end I couldn’t finish mine and Adam though it was ok, just not the S’mores taste he wanted.

So will we make it again? Maybe, but with a lot of tweaking!!

Next week Adam is going to skip ahead so that Pumpkin Pie falls on Thanksgiving week. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

We’re off trick-or-treating with our little Elmo!


We hope you all have a safe, fun and candy filled night!


(and no I did not dress like this to go trick or treating with little kids!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project Pie: Week 16

Wow. 16 weeks of pie and my pants still fit!
This week brought us back to the beginning and fruit pies. Adam chose French Crunch Peach pie. IMG_1780
Peach pie is my all time 2nd favorite pie (behind blueberry) And this recipe is one for the books. It’s not as good as mom’s but it’s good!
Of course he made the perfect crust.IMG_1779
Mixed it all and up and dumped it in.
Charlie helped with the topping:IMG_1782
Baked itIMG_1786
And ate it warm!
mmm good!
Crunch on top isn’t too overpowering and the egg gives it bit of a custard flavor, but it all works well together. It’s not too sweet so adding ice cream is a welcomed topping.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project Pie-Week 15

I had ice cream pie this week and since my folks were in town I thought I’d let them choose. So my dad picked out a mocha pie. I nixed that since adam won’t touch anything coffee and decided on Banana Split pie. Dad was fine with the choice.
First thing, I didn’t feel like making a pie crust so I bought a gram cracker crust. The rest was pretty simple. Just a lot of waiting for things to freeze.
When it came time to do the chocolate topping (at 10pm) I found out that in fact I didn’t have a bag of marshmallows like I thought I did. So we just used Hersey's syrup. (I know I’m really failing on this easy pie)IMG_1720
But mom and dad both liked it!
Dad didn’t want to share. I only cut one piece because it wasn’t quite set yet.IMG_1721
Adam and I thought it was ok. It was easy, but it won’t be going on the “top 10” list.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Recycled Bathrobe

I had this short red fuzzy bathrobe someone had given me as a gift that I never used. So it was in the bin to donate when I started thinking “that bathrobe looks a lot like Elmo”


Elmo is pretty popular in our house with Charlie and with Halloween coming up, my mom visiting I thought I’d try and re-use the robe to make her a costume.


I ripped out as many seams to get the max fabric. Then I just used a Simplicity pattern I had for a bubble dress. I did dress D


After a couple hours I ended up with this:


(it is really hard to get this girl to pose!)

I used a sleeve to make the hat and hot glued on some pompoms for his eye and nose.

I plan on shortening the skirt to her knees and having her wear red tights. The skirt is filled with tulle to help fill it out so it will create quite the “Muppet” body once it’s shortened. I will just do a temporary stitch because I’m pretty sure this could double as a queen of hearts costume next year! (it’s a little big in the chest too)

IMG_1708[1]Charlie seemed to like it and will hopefully keep on the hat. If not I saved some ties I can add to it.



I am so looking forward to taking her out this year. It will be such a change from last year now that she’s walking, talking and Ms. Independent! Stay tuned for Halloween Pictures & Fun!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Project Pie: Week 14

Adam made his pie late last week due to work schedules…and I think I’ll be doing the same this week!

His refrigerator pie turned out great! we had a friend over for dinner and my parents visiting so this is not our opinions only this week!

Pineapple Fluff Pie


The main thing that made Adam choose this pie was the coconut crust. It was pretty simple to make. Mix the coconut with melted butter and press it into the pie pan.


The rest of it was pretty straight forward.

Mix and cook:IMG_1666

Pour and chill:IMG_1669

Our friend Kristi loved it so much she had a second piece. Charlie devoured her piece. My mom and dad both raved. Adam and I though it was the perfect mix of sweet and sour. A nice light fresh tasting pie. No tweaking needed on this recipe and it moves up to our top 5!


Thursday, October 9, 2014


“Wherever I go, whatever I do
I wonder where I am in my relationship to you
Wherever you go, wherever you are
I watch your life play out in pictures from afar”

~John Mayer

There is something about this lyric and the way Mr. Mayer sings it that just tugs at me.

If you haven’t heard this song, give it a listen. 

One of my favorites.

That’s all.

Project Pie: Week 13

When I got back (LATE) from NH Sunday night the last thing I wanted to do on Monday was bake a pie. I was ready to just throw in the towel. But by Tuesday I had got some sleep and didn’t want to disappoint Adam (who was salivating for pie). And when I found this recipe in our book for a pie that didn’t have a crust I was all over it!

Miracle Custard Pie:


As you can see…no crust! And you make it in a blender! It took me about 5 minutes to put all the ingratiates in.IMG_1588

10 seconds later…IMG_1589

I mixed the coconut right in the blender (with a spoon) then into the pan it went. Topped it with some nutmeg and done. Total time…maybe 10 min.


40 minutes later…IMG_1592

The pie needed to chill so the next day we had it for desert.IMG_1595

It cut easily and we had no issue getting it out of the pan.IMG_1594

Charlie inhaled her piece and started getting fussy when she couldn’t get it on her fork fast enough. Adam and I thought it was ok. It definitely tastes like custard. And that’s about it. We don’t love it, but we don’t hate it. I think with some tweaking (adding a little flavor) it could be something special and an easy go-to-pie.