Thursday, May 2, 2013

April Updates

Wow, it’s May! Time has flown. This past month we were lucky to have my mom come and watch Charlie for one more month before we send her to daycare. It was a fun, busy month.

Adam started his management training. He has been working in the catering dept.  A couple of times he had to be to report to work at 3 am! Crazy! He will finish up this month in the same dept then he will be off for June & July. At that time he will focus his time on the Display company and work a few events bartending.

My Dad came down mid April for the Taylor Swift concert.  My Aunt and Uncle also joined us for the weekend.  Charlie had a zoo trip, a museum trip, a few trips to the beach, her 4 month check up and her first dip in our pool! There were shopping trips and lunches and brunches and lots of play time with grandma. 

Charlie has been spending a lot of time in her new stand up play thing that I bought for her after she tried out Alia’s at Easter and loved it. The bouncy seats are put away and the bassinet is listed for sale. Baby is growing up! She loves sitting and standing. Her naps are getting longer and she still sleeps 10 hours a night. The smiles are getting bigger and the laughs more frequent. She is such a joy and a happy happy baby. We love her.

This coming month proves to be just as busy with a big baptism and a trip to Minnesota. Stay tuned…

Now…here’s the month in pictures! (aka the best part of the blog)


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pool time