Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Humpday Photodump

I have been a bad blogger lately. but oh well. we’ve been busy and having fun! So here’s some pictures to catch up.

First up…I started a new Dropcloth embroidery sampler: ABC’s Charlie LOVES the alphabet and I thought it would be fun to do each letter in a corresponding color. I did have to turn to wikkipedia to find a few…but ever letter has a color! If you don’t follow me on instagram here is what I’ve done so far.

L = Lime2014-05-13 22.12.57

P=Purple, U = Urobilin, V=violet, W=White  & X=Xanadu! (spoiler alert: Y=yellow and R=red)2014-05-11 22.07.07

O=Orange2014-05-11 22.04.33

M=Maroon2014-05-11 22.02.40

H=Hot pink2014-05-11 22.00.24

A=Aqua, B=Blue & G=Green!2014-05-11 21.58.19

This momma has a bridesmaid dress to squeeze into that she bought when she was way to thin…so nightly walks have started again…such a bigger girl than last summer!2014-05-12 18.26.42

She loves to “help” put her diapers away…sometime before they’re even ready!2014-05-11 19.22.18

Noticing all the balloons at the check out…including Elmo. Thanks Publix.2014-05-11 12.31.56

YA! my 1st homemade card!2014-05-11 09.51.07

And my sparkly new rings!2014-05-11 09.47.01

She liked the spaghetti!2014-05-08 18.01.15

Always reading!2014-05-05 17.25.52

We used our children's museum pass and Charlie approves!2014-05-04 14.10.52

I found her sleeping like a ballerina one night…I was beyond elated! 2014-05-03 22.40.51

She loves sitting in her push cart…and hopes for rides!2014-05-03 19.04.33

Her new toy. Spoiled I say!2014-05-03 14.48.24

My book club choice. Good book. Happy ending Smile2014-05-03 11.11.02

Her first Barbie!! She was so excited, but I won’t let her open it until she’s older. FYI Architect Barbie!!2014-05-03 09.55.18

Yogurt dubbed as gel.2014-05-01 18.00.28

She has gotten better at affection…and it has translated to the dogs. They’re still not sure though!2014-04-30 19.02.40

At the end of last month grandpa gary had a convention in Orlando. Charlie and I checked it out. 2014-04-26 11.52.32

She thinks grandpas displays are the best (they are.)2014-04-26 11.51.56

She even got her own exhibitors badge! 2014-04-26 11.37.58