Monday, May 7, 2012


Wow, I’ve been really bad at blogging. Either we’ve been super busy or we’ve become super boring. I don’t think there’s a chance at the later though.

So what have we been up to? Let’s see…

The beginning of April we spend time with my cousin Sherry Jo and her family. We enjoyed Easter with them at Animal kingdom!







Then after that, as in we left them and 30 min later, we saw Adam’s Sister and her family.   We spent the next day with them at their time share.  We also go to celebrate Kylies 2nd birthday with them.




Adam worked every Saturday the entire month. so I played wife and did the laundry and cleaned and ate bon bons while watching movies in the middle of  the day Smile

On a Friday afternoon my boss took my office on his boat to St. Petersburg so visit the new Salvador Dali Museum. That was a fun day and the museum is really cool!


One Sunday we took a day trip up to Weeki Wachi Springs where they have live mermaid shows.  The place is a trip. I swear it hasn’t been touched since it was opened in the 40’s. But we had fun, went on a boat ride, saw the peacocks and watched a mermaid show.


I did a little sewing this month too. I made a quilt for my friend Tara’s baby girl and I made myself a new purse. 


I forgot to take pictures of the quilt before I gave it to her, but I used this pinterest picture for inspiration:

Pinned Image

We saw this message in the sky one Sunday when leaving church.


What a cool thing. it said :

U + God = Smile Jesus

We made it out to the beach one day with some friends, it’s definitely beach weather now. HOT. And we could use some rain.  Other than that it’s been work, relaxing and job hunting (for Adam).  May is shaping up to speed by just a quickly as April.  We hope you all had a great month.P4071091