Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Sending love and big giant hugs to wherever you are in the world on this magical day.

us 2011

The FunYoungs-Adam + Stephanie (Jordan & Bruiser)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ave Maria

The other night Adam & I were doing chores around the house and Ave Maria came on over the stereo.  As I was walking by Adam said “I saw the most beautiful women walking towards me to this song”  It took me a second, but I realized he was talking about me, on our wedding day.

Sometimes the most random, sweetest and surprising things come out of his mouth.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Goodbye November-Hello December

Hello old friends.

Wow…it’s been a while.

We’ve been ridiculously busy.  Thanksgiving…wedding…birthday…guests…Christmas prepping…oj juicing…

We are alive and well and I really wish I had more time to give the big run down…but I don’t. So here are some highlights from the last 3 or so weeks…

We got to visit with Stephanie’s family when they came to St. Pete for her 1/2 Marathon. Adam had fun with the boys Smile


No joke, Maddox is ‘driving’ Adam. they were so cute.PB200437

Jonathan arrived just in time for a pre-thanksgiving Bulls Basketball game.PB230449

Dad and Adam like comparing their exact same cameras.PB240461

Poor Jonathan was so sick he slept most of thanksgiving…or as we liked to say, he guarded the good silver.PB240465


Fun games after dinnerPB240466

We toured the  Yeungling brewery PB250475

And played some cards while we enjoyed our samples.PB250481

Adam got the biggest sample of all!


We took an impromptu trip the the happiest place on earth…PB260505

Dad and Jonathan found Nemo.PB260518

Quick beers in Canada…PB260527

Before moving onto England…PB260528

Then we stopped off in FrancePB260535

before finally launching off for our trip to Mars.PB260558

Then it was time for Tara to get married…


The whole day was a big blur…PC020569

But the bride looked gorgousPC030570

Jared came home and stopped over for a fondue dinner one week night…PC060574

Adam found many uses for the 50+lbs of oranges he bought for the wedding.PC090575

I squeezed over 16 cups!PC090577


Then I went and had a birthday. PC100580

33 years old. PC100582

But not a day over 6…PC100584

or at least 21 Smile


Happy December!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Do you see what I see?


No? let’s get a little closer…


See it?

A hinge!!!

So close…so close!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our 2nd Year in Pictures

It’s already November and I’m finally getting around to doing our year in pictures.  It was a long, trying year, but we had fun and continued live life and be happy in our marriage.
Lets start off where we ended last year:


1st anniversary in Gainesville


Halloween-Dunkin’ Donuts


Thanksgiving in Michigan (1st time in 8 years!)


Christmas in Florida


Amelia Island anniversary trip


Sunday afternoons…



Brewers Ball-Tampa (we snuck in!)


Adam worked a lot… IMG_5482
Stephanie had lots of free time…IMG_5523


Houston, here we come!image


Chicago IL


Weekend Ultimate Trip to Atlanta


Michigan Trip

September 2011,

North Carolina Trip & Married 2 years!
wow! we sure did travel a lot!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Turning over a old Leaf

Adam brought home a box of these ugly wood napkin rings when the Ice Palace was getting ready for renovations.
At first I complained that he was bringing more crap into the house, but then I figured maybe they just needed a face lift. So we put them into our overflowing extra WIC (walk in closet) and forgot about them.
That is until we decided that we were hosting thanksgiving! Recently I pulled them out and decided it was time for their makeover.  A trip to Home Depot and a can of spray paint later and we have much better napkin rings!
Hello 2011 goodbye 1993!
We decided to use Oil Rubbed Bronze, but had also considered Matte Nickel since our china has a platinum band.  I Think they look great with the napkins I made with our left over fabric from the table runner.
I was afraid the chunky wood would look too casual on our China but the paint really dressed them up they look seasonally appropriate on our china.
Oh! and that is a bread plate! not a dinner plate-they’re not napkins for giants!
Thanks Adam for brining home those free ugly wood napkin rings…I love them, now.