Thursday, November 3, 2011

Boobie Update

Surgery yesterday went well. Adam spoke with the Dr. afterwards and she told him they they got the mass out and that it was pretty hard.  She thought that was the reason they couldn’t get a good sample and said that the marker was right on the surface.  She also told him that she thought it was benign.

After a quick stop for a BK Veggie Burger I got home and rested.  Adam and I both took naps.  I wasn’t in any pain, but took something just in case. Today I’m back at work and feeling fine-a little ticked that I can’t go to Yoga tonight though.

I will go in on Monday to see the Dr. and my bandages can come off tonight.  The sports bra has to stay on for a week though…uggg.

Thanks to everyone who prayed and thought of me yesterday-We’re lucky to have so much love.

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