Friday, November 11, 2011

Big Birds New Dress

I spent most of a Friday night working on my bridesmaid dress for Tara’s wedding.  The pattern I had chosen looked pretty simple.


The fabric she had chosen-not so much.


In anticipation of dealing with the fabric and wanted the bodice to have a nice structured look and feel I chose to add fusible interfacing to the material.

Problem no 1 arose when I ran out of my usual interfacing which has a cotton backing.  After some digging I found some more, but it was stiffer and had a poly–ish backing. But since I didn’t feel like driving the 20 or more minutes to Joann’s I figured I’d just use what I had.

Well the interfacing wasn’t sticking very well and the more ironing I did the more the fabric ‘stretched’.  I also found a crease down the center of the bodice that I couldn’t iron out…


But after about 3 hours worth of work, I finally had a dress that was as done as far as I could go. I will need to have the dress on  to do the hem and zipper so that it fits. Mom comes in a few weeks-so she can help.


The dress turned out ok. I still need to make the sash, but I also realized I had cut the fabric wrong and didn’t leave enough length for the entire piece…so I’ll have to put a seam in it. Oh well.  The best part is I only had to pay $92 for this dress and I can be big bird for Halloween next year! I hope Adam want’s to be Oscar.

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