Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I finally found a pair of black flats.  The met ALL the criteria (MIRICLE!) 1. Leather 2. Flats 3. Cheap 4. Pos. to wear w/ socks.

So after pondering over this pair for a week I finally ordered them.  And to my surprise they were on sale even more!

Today I wore them, w/o socks, to work.  They’re comfortable, fit well and qwack when I walk!


Ha Ha Ha.  Guess they will take a bit to break in.

In other shoe news… Adam came in the kitchen last weekend calling Jordan’s name with his favorite (Yes, he LOVES THEM) shoes in his hand.  It seems miss Jordan got bored Saturday morning waiting for us to wake up and nibbled on the back of his leather shoe.  She spend the rest of the day in her cage.  Luckily they’re still wearable and it’ll be barely noticeable when he wears them with pants.   Jordan hasn’t done this in a long time-so we were quite surprised.  We have heard that her little sister, Gretta, has been enjoying chewing things up in Michigan.  We hope that when she finally moves in she’ll have outgrown that habit. Fingers Crossed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This past weekend I was pleasantly surprised when I signed into my Etsy account and found a big red notice at the top of the page.  I had my first sale!

And guess who bought a bag?

None other than my sweet Aunt Annette.  I think next to my mom she is my biggest supporter; always cheering me on.  Best Godmother ever.

She bought my Betty Bag in the Blues/Ivory. Which my favorite of them all.  The material and colors just went so well together and the fabrics cooperated too.

Betty Bag-Blues & Cream

I call this the Betty bag because it’s the same pattern that I originally made for my mother.

My Aunt did not inform me that she was purchasing a bag, so I was not able to give her a discount.  With that being said if any more family members buy a bag please use my 15% off friends/family discount code, which is my maiden name.  If you don’t know that-you’re not a friend or family! ha ha.

With this sale it puts me with only 3 bags for sale-so I’d better get sewing!

Thanks Auntie for buying my bag.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Our walk in closet in our bedroom has a bi-fold door.  The door is 36”.  The hall the doorway is in is 36” wide.  So when you open a bi-fold it takes up 18” of your hallway. And when said bi-fold door fails to close properly due to shoes/clothes or the fact that it’s old I get pretty darn frustrated.
Well it just so happened the day I decided to re-arrange our room the door made it’s last move.
I had put some clothes away and shut the door and as i turned to enter the bedroom the whole thing came falling back toward me. Luckily I was out of it’s path and I caught it, but I took it as a sign from God that it was time to say goodbye to my nemesis.
I quickly folded it up and stuck it in the hall out side our room.
Needless to say when Adam came home that night at 2 or 3 am he was a little confused-no closet door, no night stand and a dresser in the wrong place.
So what did I do with that nice 36” opening into our cluttered and stuffed closet?
I went to KMart.
I bought a curtain (same as on our window) And hung it up.
IMG_0065 IMG_0064
And I LOVE it. No more wrestling or arguing or fighting with that door that never seemed to want to stay close.  Adam did tell me we have to keep the door for when we rent/sell the condo. So it will just hang behind our bedroom door, which is always open except when we sleep-so no one will really notice it.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Craig’s List Saturday

Since moving into my condo, Adam’s stuff has seemed to multiply.  But then again I’m sure mine has too.
We are short on closets, drawers and space.  Our room is no different. 
I recently rearranged our furniture to give us some more space.  And it helped.  But we still had a stack of plastic drawers and my cousin Jill’s old night stand.
IMG_0062 IMG_0060
I decided a nice long dresser against this wall would be perfect. 
(ugg! Adam's old night stand is going as is the pile of adam’s dirty clothes!) Jordan’s bed (lower right) has to stay.  And the treadmill too…MOTIVATION!
So I began my craigs list hunt. 
Saturday we picked up and hauled (in the Hyundia!) this beauty for $50!
She's long-66" and will fit perfect!
I’ve already been to Home Depot and got the correct grit (100,120,150) as Adam told me. A pint of White paint and some brushes.
And as you can see in the picture above I’ve already begun taking off those brass pulls. Adam sanded 3 drawers and I started on the top right away…then realized I was making a mess in the dining room.IMG_0059
We hope to have her in her new room soon all filled up! Good Bye Plastic!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Lovely Sunday

Recently it’s been a bit chilly here in Florida.  And no, I’m not complaining, but Sunday we had sun and blue skies-A perfect day. It was moms last day here and Adam had the day off as well. 

She had been wanting to go to the new Chihuly museum in St. Petersburg, so after church we headed over the bridge. 




The Museum was small-but the work beautiful.  We enjoyed lunch next door and then headed to the links for 9 holes of golf.





Mom is pretty good at golf-I not so much.


Afterward we were tired and ready for a night on the couch-but I had this grand idea of using my new Dutch Oven to make grandma’s chicken. Finally around 9 pm (after waking Adam up!) we sat down to dinner.

It’s huge and has taken up residence in the oven.

It was  great weekend and I’m glad I got to spend some time with my mom.  Adam too-they spent all of Friday together.  we both have a jam packed week-so hopefully the laundry-cleaning-and lack of food in the house can wait…until next Saturday.


So it’s Valentines day. As I said last year, I’ve never really been into the whole Hallmark Holiday.  But now this day has a better meaning-more personal and special.

It’s our Engagement Day. 

And yes I did buy Adam a card and a small gift, so in a sense we will celebrate and go out to eat (Wednesday) but it’s for a better reason than what St. Valentine or Hallmark say.

It’s because it’s the day every (almost) little girl dreams of and hopes for and wishes for until it happens.  I just got lucky that my day fell on a recognized holiday-so it’s easier to remember. 


Do you remember your special day?

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Well mom and I finally took some pictures of the bags I made and I've uploaded them to my Etsy Shop.  For now I only have 4 finished, but I hope to continue to make more as time permits as well as little girl clothes.
Wish me luck-and feel free to share with your friends.  I can also do custom orders-and of course there is the friends and family discount :)

A.S. Created

Here are the bags I made for my co-workers this Christmas:

Hope you all had a lovely weekend-we're beat and grandma's chicken is cooking in the oven. mmmmm

Thursday, February 10, 2011


We’ve been busy lately; what’s new.  Between our two jobs (each) hobbies, family, friends and fun our cup has runneth over and our house is a mess…but to be honest I really don’t care. We have enough undies to last us a month-so the laundry can wait.


Adam Loves playing Ultimate Frisbee.  And I like that he has a hobby that is active and lets him run off some energy.  But I don’t let it go unknown that I don’t like the time it takes away from us; our valuable quality time that seems scattered now that we’re working so much.  So this year he’s cut back; I know he misses it, but honestly he doesn't have the time to commit.  Luckily there are some off-season games he can join in on and still get his fix.




I’ve been working on getting my inventory up so that I can “open” my “store” for business. 


My dear mother helped me to organize all of my fabric swatches into bins.  I had a lot more than I anticipated and filled all 10 tubs with fabric to spare.  She brought up the story of when I was three and I startled her by organizing my alphabet magnets by color.  I was OCD even then.  And yes, we organized my fabric by color into each bin. She enjoyed looking at all the different patterns and colors and discussed ideas for her own house.

Mom and I will try and get the photos this weekend-as long as it doesn’t rain again and get them up on the website!


Wigstock 2011 took place at our friends Kris & Paul’s. 

Ringo and I had a good time.


Mom and Dad had a good time too!!


People got creative with the term WIG.  This is Brian’s horn hat…it sounded like a tug boat in the house!





And then, as the night wore on, costumes switching began….


We can never pass up a good costume party and our collection of wigs is growing…



And yes, the Pleva’s do watch football…one time each year.


Dad made sure that Adam still had their coozies they bought the previous year.



Good times were had by ALL!IMG_4928IMG_4932


Life has been fun. Despite a rash of car problems Sad smile we’re doing good.  Looking forward to a full February and what ever life is going to throw at us!