Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hump Day Photo Dump

It’s been super rainy in Tampa the last few days. Actually it’s a much needed break from the the sweltering 90’s we’ve had since May. But it does make you want to curl up inside and watch a movie.

Anyway…here are some shots from the past week:

Flowers for our anniversary2013-09-19 13.34.32Found some cuff links Adam would LOVE!2013-09-20 18.36.09

Ms. Charlie Sleeping in on Saturday2013-09-22 08.47.38

Hanging out with her BFF Adeline P9212520

Trying a pickle for the first time…and loving it!P9212523

Target has some crazy foam wigs for Halloween..Charlie wasn’t so sure about them!

2013-09-22 13.39.49

Heading out to the movies to celebrate our anniversary!

2013-09-22 16.33.10Enjoying some German fare at Mr. DunderbochsP9222525

Sleeping like an angle2013-09-23 07.21.16

Finished my paisley embroidery sampler…now what??2013-09-23 21.13.22

Somebody enjoyed the plums…2013-09-24 19.13.46

Bath time!2013-09-24 19.28.05

Having way to much fun with great grandmas glow-in-the-dark virgin Mary. 2013-09-24 19.42.49

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fourth Year in Pictures

Wow, 4 years! And what a year it has been! Let’s start where we left off…

September 19, 2012

We celebrated at home due to my bed rest…3 years

October 2012:

At a friends wedding…enjoying modified bed rest!PA202059

November 2012:

Enjoying Lake Ridge Winery232323232fp54384_nu=32_7_689_856_WSNRCG=3953_7_63932_nu0mrj

December 2012:

It was a BIG gets two pictures :)
Charlie’s first Christmas

January 2013:

Life with a newborn…
daddy charlie 

February 2013:

Bath time funbath2

March 2013:

Charlie’s First EasterEaster

April 2013:

Charlie’s first trip to the beachbeach 2 

May 2013:

Charlie is baptized 232323232-fp734---nu=32-7-689-856-WSNRCG=38;49896-732-nu0mrj

June 2013:

Adam’s first Fathers Dayfathers day

July 2013:

Vacation in Michiganfamily

August 2013:

Date night…no baby!Date

September 2013:

Celebrating 4 years…4 days late…with dinner and a movie.P9222524

See the previous years Here, Here & Here

Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 Years Later...

And it seems our dreams have come true.

Untitled-19 mo

I know i have been quiet the last few weeks. I'm sorry, but I wasn't myself. Luckily with a lot of love, support and help I am feeling 99% better and enjoying this wonderful life God has given me.

Happy Anniversary to my love.
beach kneel

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HumpDay Photo Dump

Ok…since I've totally missed my self instated blogging goal…I’m going to at least dump a bunch of photos from the last few weeks to make it up. There aren’t many..but they’re cute :)

2013-09-06 18.32.15 2013-09-07 10.46.48 2013-09-09 21.54.15 2013-09-11 18.47.55 2013-09-11 18.48.01 2013-09-12 17.28.56 2013-09-13 19.43.34 2013-09-15 14.06.37 2013-09-16 19.30.05 2013-09-17 17.36.28 2013-09-17 17.44.43

My goodness I’ve got a cute kid!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Humpday Photodump

I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures last week due to wanting to crawl into a cave…but here are a few I did.

  This is Tuesday…feeling pretty shitty.2013-08-28 08.46.00

Took Charlie for a walk Thursday 2013-08-29 18.26.21

Trip to the beach Friday2013-08-30 19.32.32 2013-08-30 19.34.12 2013-08-30 19.39.03 2013-08-30 19.43.30 2013-08-30 19.47.51 2013-08-30 19.51.33

Mommy went nuts at baby gap2013-09-01 09.05.22

Checking out the king sized bed at the Grand Hyatt2013-09-01 12.32.35 2013-09-01 13.16.19

Finally starting to relax..2013-09-01 14.20.10

Napping in style…2013-09-01 16.16.04

All alone in my hotel room…feeling a little better.2013-09-01 20.59.50

Best Buddies playing ball.2013-09-02 14.55.35 2013-09-02 14.55.27