Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Humpday Photodump!

I’ve been slacking on real updates lately. Sorry. I just haven’t been in the mood. But I am do look at Charlie and think…I need to write some stuff down. She’s growing and changing so much! Last night was the first night without a bottle and she was fine. Up next…the pacifier. Yesterday was the first time at daycare without it… and we talked potty training. oh my! I have a toddler. My baby has disappeared. Ok…here are the pictures…see for yourself!

This outfit kills me. Of course grandma bought the shirt.2014-02-19 16.27.59

She is really wanting to tackle the stairs…and sometimes I let her…but mostly I pick her up and she fusses as I haul her up.2014-02-19 16.28.09

She’s had her name in magnets on the fridge for a while and I finally decided she was done eating them so she could have the rest of the alphabet. she proceeded to put them all up and then put then all back.2014-02-20 17.19.13

85% of the time she’s a great eater. I find that if she’s not eating well give her fruit…then try the meat afterwards.2014-02-20 18.10.18

Working on a new sampler…2014-02-22 11.50.43

$7 tulips from Publix. My favorite.2014-02-22 11.55.52

Saturday fun at the library.2002-12-08 12.00.00-12014-02-22 14.17.44

She LOVES to read.2014-02-22 14.28.48

I ended up buying books rather then lending…all this for $12!!2014-02-23 11.09.30

Saturdays task was to clean out the Pantry. I bought shelves for the door to make more room….and it was a great time to purge all the evaporated milk that was expired….4 cans!! why do I even have that?2014-02-23 10.34.22

Adams 5 jars of buffalo sauce…why?? 2014-02-23 10.40.02

Everything out!2014-02-23 10.48.02

The new shelves!2014-02-23 10.48.17



2014-02-23 11.53.032014-02-23 11.53.31

First time using our reusable pouches. I made gazpacho and they worked great!2014-02-23 12.28.25

Good morning angel!2014-02-24 07.38.192014-02-24 07.38.38

We’re back at on the Fresh20! Life is good and so is dinner!!!2014-02-24 17.25.07

My little toddler…2014-02-26 07.22.20

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Humpday Photodump

Hey! We just got back from NC yesterday morning-we had a great time-so there aren’t many phone pics to dump…but here’s what we got!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Charlie!2014-02-14 07.22.00

No Pictures mom, it’s too early!2014-02-14 11.03.52

Napping on my lap..she got really heavy!2014-02-14 11.49.11

Ya! North Carolina, we’re here!2014-02-14 13.14.08

Peyson giving her best “Elvis”2014-02-15 10.16.30

Charlie trying out chopsticks2014-02-16 12.41.47

Papa’s Pack…our attempt at getting all five in a picture!2014-02-16 15.25.01

Such a cute girl…and I never get tired of hearing that from strangers Smile2014-02-17 15.15.56

My sweet niece Zoe. She is such a joy!2014-02-17 15.18.51

Charlie LOVED climbing the stairs…and didn’t listen when we said no. She would just burst into tears and try to go up again. By the end of the weekend she was pretty fast!2014-02-17 15.22.35

Her “new” boots from cousin Kylie.2014-02-17 17.06.15

Heading back home…by the time I get my phone out and ready the cute pose she had been holding is gone…typical.2014-02-18 06.55.36

Souvenirs from RDU Smile2014-02-18 17.46.17

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Humpday Photodump

I was better this week at taking pictures…and even are grabbing some that were texted to me Smile

Grandma came back from Marco with some new-to-us furniture.2014-02-10 09.18.53

Did you know Feb 6 is FroYo day? Charlie inhaled hers!2014-02-06 14.23.06

Thursday night I had a sleep over, 11 years and he finally came to visit.2014-02-07 00.46.59

So I took him to Yuengling for breakfast2014-02-07 12.19.05

Then we all went to Stefano’s for lunch.2014-02-07 13.02.20

Then we went and picked up the Dr.2014-02-10 09.18.36

In the words of Ms. Swift…Trouble, Trouble…2014-02-10 09.18.44

Then these two showed up!2014-02-08 15.38.55

Let the fun begin!

2014-02-08 15.49.252014-02-08 13.24.422014-02-08 13.27.262014-02-08 13.53.242014-02-08 15.30.052014-02-08 15.37.45

The main event2014-02-08 19.05.202014-02-08 21.08.09

Good thing grandma stayed to watch Charlie!2014-02-10 09.11.49

Cause we were all pretty tired the next day!2014-02-10 09.18.13

A visit to the park before the Pleva’s took off2014-02-10 09.17.39

I FINALLY finished Wesley’s quilt!2014-02-10 19.22.56

I can’t wait to see him in this!! Boys clothes are so cute!!2014-02-11 17.58.15

She is getting WAY to big!!2014-02-10 16.50.22But she’s still my sweet little baby.2014-02-10 21.59.57