Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Humpday Photo Dump

I know I’ve been quiet lately. Doesn’t mean stuffs not going on. Right now Charlie is sick Sad smile and we don’t know what’s going on. But she’s on day five of not being herself.
I am hopefully on the right path (and meds) to getting myself back to normal. It’s been a long and frustrating journey, but hopefully we’ve pinpointed the issue and can deal with it.
But anyway…here’s what’s been going on via Cell phone pics:
Charlie got some mail from her cousins in DC, she was really excited2013-10-02 16.48.11
Inside she found bath toys..which she proceeded to eat. 2013-10-02 16.52.18My happy happy girl. (I miss her…get better sweetie!)2013-10-05 12.48.25
Hanging out with her BFF, Adeline2013-10-05 15.39.21Rolling around on the beach for sunset2013-10-05 19.15.41
Beach babies2013-10-05 19.18.05Night time selfie with mommy2013-10-05 19.29.58
I made this dress long before Charlie was even around…and I saved it in a box waiting for the day I’d have a little girl to wear it.2013-10-06 14.36.19
Getting friendly with Jordan2013-10-06 15.09.31
It’s fall…supposedly…so I made chili. mmm2013-10-07 17.11.04My sewing machine broke…right in the middle of a project.2013-10-09 07.34.26
Giving my girl kisses before work Smile2013-10-10 07.40.08She loves feeding herself…and bocca burgers!2013-10-10 18.37.21Mommy got a night out with the girls to the orchastra

Breakfast of champions2013-10-12 08.12.05Catching up on her reading2013-10-12 09.35.22So many penguins2013-10-12 09.57.11Nap time 2013-10-12 10.59.40Saturday fun with Mommy2013-10-12 12.39.03Her first trolley ride2013-10-12 13.44.04
I hated having to take down her mobile, so I hung it up in the other corner-she loves it!2013-10-12 17.25.42
The weather has cooled off enough to enjoy some patio time-she loved it!2013-10-13 08.12.45
So much that she didn’t want to come in!2013-10-13 09.29.59
Beach day! Loves her watermelon2013-10-13 14.14.42
She was a sand crab crawling everywhere!2013-10-13 14.51.45
Getting closer to walking2013-10-14 17.59.33
Picking out toys on the clearance shelf2013-10-15 17.00.38
Getting ready for Halloween!2013-10-17 17.01.15
Picnic in the park with daddy2013-10-18 19.04.20
2013-10-18 19.24.40
Such a doll2013-10-18 19.25.41
Then this happened Sad smile2013-10-20 05.22.08
Our poor pumpkin didn’t feel good at all Sad smile2013-10-20 09.12.37
Breaks my heart2013-10-21 16.48.36
Lots and lots of sleep and snuggles2013-10-22 07.04.42

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hump Day Photo Dump

It was a pretty good week!
Practicing brushing her teeth!2013-09-28 10.22.10Her first taste of chik fil a2013-09-28 13.08.13The Cube Building2013-09-28 13.08.43
The Beer can building2013-09-28 13.59.20
Playing2013-09-28 17.05.58
Eating2013-09-28 17.28.11
Swimming2013-09-28 18.41.16Reading 2013-09-29 08.12.24
Smiling like a Young2013-09-29 09.24.54
Selfie in Granny’s dress2013-09-29 09.44.10
Ya for old phones!2013-09-29 10.19.16
Cleaning…dogs do NOT belong on carpet! 2013-09-29 10.51.01Napping2013-09-29 11.44.47
Being Cute2013-09-29 15.40.15
More being cute2013-09-29 15.45.47Yep, still cute2013-09-29 15.46.10
Group selfie2013-09-29 16.07.17
Working in Rosemary Beach2013-09-30 10.14.58
More “working” in Rosemary Beach Winking smile

2013-09-30 10.56.22