Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bright Horizon

Over the past almost 3 years Adam has been looking for a job; a career job. He’s worked continuously since he was laid off in 2010, but he’s never been happy with the work/pay/positions. We were lucky though. He was working sometimes 2-3 jobs.   He’s been to multiple interviews and so many looked promising, but in the end, none worked out. Yes he’s been exhausted and frustrated, but we've gotten though it and knew that in time God would lay out our plan.
Now he’s got two opportunities. Both of which could propel his career and both of which interest him. And he’s going to do them both.
The first is a Management training program with Delaware North (the company he works for at the Forum). This opportunity has the potential to get us out of Florida…our longtime goal.  DN is in 65% of all the arenas in the country, so with this training he’d be able to apply or even get transferred where there’s a need. The program is 10 months (originally it was 6 wks) He will spend time in each of the departments; retail, suites, concessions, restaurant… etc learning the ropes.  He isn't guaranteed a position when he’s finished, but chances are there will be openings as they are considering adding an assistant GM to every venue.  This is a full-time paid training, so it will be nice to have steady money coming in every week for the next 10 months. Even if nothing comes of this he will still have this training he can put on his resume.
The second opportunity is with his old boss from Gulf Coast Displays; not the boss that “laid him off” the boss that sold the company. His 5 year non-compete is up and he’s starting a new trade show display company and he wants Adam with him. Adam will be helping him start it up, but doesn't have to put in any equity except time and sweat, so the risk to us financially is nill. They have started getting the office ready and purchased computers yesterday. Adam will work when he can between his training. And if he does end up getting a job out of state next year he could continue to work on sales and such from home ala a “branch” office. The company is Osprey Exhibits and they are both excited and eager to get it up and running. I may even be doing some graphic work for them!
So the future looks bright. My husband has been diligent over the last 3 years to provide for us any way he can and it’s finally paid off. He is so happy to be done with the furniture company and to focus on his careers. I’m proud of him and his determination and drive. He will be working a lot over the next year, there maybe days we don’t see him, but in the end, hopefully it will all work out.
Thank you for your prayers, your support, your referrals and recommendations. He appreciated everything and we’re so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.
PS Charlie is wonderful happy and good.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

3 Months

Charlie is now 3 months old. It still feels like she’s been with us forever and should be walking by now! Despite the feeling of time moving slowly she IS getting so big. Adam took her to be weighed this week and she’s 12lbs 11 oz and 24” long! On Sunday we took her to Penny's for her 3 month portaits; the photos in this post are from that.
So what is she doing? well, she’s sleeping though the night…in her crib. We put her in her crib at 9 weeks. And she’s been sleeping 8-10 hours since 7 weeks. She’s rolling over to side from her back. Sometimes she inadvertently grabs objects and doesn’t let got. Sitting up is a lot more fun than tummy time. Getting out of the bath is not fun. But if that’s the only screaming she does, we’ll take it.
All in all she is a great baby. my mom is still wondering how I got so lucky, since i was a pain in the a** baby for her :) I say she takes after her daddy. My mom has been with us since the beginning of February. She leaves on Saturday and Russ arrives that evening. We’re so lucky we are able to keep her out of daycare until she’s 5 months. But I must say I'm going to be a wreck leaving her when the time comes. Family is one thing…but a stranger!?!? yikes!
We are enjoying every minute we have with her and are looking forward to the next stage. It’s hard to believe that she’ll be able to start eating food soon!
Big girl!
She looks EXACTLY like I did at this age in this picture. However if you turn your head, she looks nothing like me…weird. Mostly she resembles Adam.