Thursday, November 29, 2012

3rd Year in Pictures

um so I totally forgot to do this this year. WTF? maybe I was too busy thinking about this baby!! For our 2nd anniversary Adam bought me a camera, so I was able to take pictures more freely…Lets see how well I did.
September 2011
2nd Anniversary
October 2011
Sunday Funday
November 2011
Yuengling fun
December 2011
Christmas in North Carolina
January 2012
Mount Dora get-a-way
February 2012
Valentines day
March 2012
Getting to see my man in action
April 2012
Our dreams come true.
May 2012
Working weekend at the cottage
June 2012
Getting excited…meeting Adeline
July 2012
Michigan Vacation-Polka Fest
August 2012
Joseph’s wedding
September 2012
3rd anniversary…On bed rest…ordered in sushi
IMG_8678 i guess taking the don't get in many! ha ha but it was a very good year :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

6 days

Well here we are, 6 days away from meeting baby Charlie.

I really can’t believe it’s finally time. It feels like it’s been FOREVER.  I’m at the point where I wish I could hit fast forward…get to next Tuesday and just see her.

Last night I asked Adam, do you think about what she’ll look like? I haven’t really, but I do think if she had a dark head of hair (which is entirely possible) I’d be a little shocked.

I guess I never posted that I am getting a c-section. Dec 4 @ 11:30 am. She is STILL breach. I feel for her big head everyday. And I’m ok with this. Actually I think it’s better this way. and it’s faster, Adam and I are not the most patient people in the world.

I have been feeling good. I’m tired a lot, my upper back gets sore from sitting at a desk too long. Oh and my baby likes to wedge her head under my ribs, so that’s fun. And I’m finally getting “Congratulations” from strangers now that I’m obviously pregnant. I have a couple more belly pics to share.  one thing is no one believes that I’m due in a week. According the the girl at Dunkin Donuts “girl! you are wearing that girl good! you only look 6 months!” I thought to myself, if I were this big at 6 months I wouldn’t be able to leave the house now that I’m 9! But I take it as a compliment, smile and say thank you.

She’s moving around right now…it’s still so weird. I think she’s realizing her mistake of not flipping and doing whatever she can to get out…just wait little girl, it’s almost time.

Her room is basically ready. I’m going to post a bunch of pictures once it’s all complete. but right now it’s definitely good enough to bring a baby home too and house a bunch of visitors. What? you didn’t know? our guest room now comes with a crying and pooping baby at no extra charge to you Smile

Charlie has already been spoiled beyond our belief. I need to go buy more thank you cards! she’s got it all and then some. We feel so blessed and loved by all our family and friends.

We are all done with Dr. apts and classes. I think we feel prepared. I haven’t read a baby book or pregnancy book in months. I guess I’m just at the point where I’m going to wing it and deal with life as it’s thrown (up) at us.  Adam is way excited. I’m nervous, scared, excited, anxious, freaking out while being calm at the same time. We’re ready. We’re going to do this. Be great parents-or at least good parents. Speaking of parents ours will be here soon. We’re so thankful for them…and the impending help they will give us!

Sorry this wasn’t a fun full of pictures fun topic post…but I thought if I didn’t get it all out right now, I’d forget and before you know it she’ll be 6 and I’ll have forgot this quiet crazy time in my life right before I became a mom.