Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Humpday PhotoDump

I missed last week…but last week was off since we had been in Illinois for 4 days…so anyways. here’s Two weeks worth of crappy phone pictures…of my cute kid!

This is the face you make after waking up in Wisconsin…where it was 45 degrees.2014-04-12 09.28.24

Aunt Alice taught Charlie about worms…2014-04-13 08.54.13

Do you see that? that’s snow. In April. It was 70 by the next weekend. Gotta love the Mid-West!2014-04-14 16.53.01

We didn’t pack for the cold weather…2014-04-15 08.13.52

They’re 3.5 months apart…2014-04-15 10.05.52

And hugs were mastered.2014-04-15 10.06.35

Someone got wore out...2014-04-15 10.47.40

She missed Minnesota all together. 2014-04-15 16.28.12

But she still got her 5th pair of wings.2014-04-16 19.15.14

Back to the real world…and learning how to fold.2014-04-16 18.39.55We colored Easter eggs…Charlie’s first time…first time in a LONG time for me and Adam!2014-04-17 19.58.58

Parade of Homes was going on, so I toured this gem.2014-04-18 16.01.58

I could totally move in. It was like a giant Crate & Barrel House!2014-04-18 15.37.35

My favorite part…the wine bar! ha ha2014-04-18 15.43.14The Nano doors were pretty sweet too.2014-04-18 15.44.45

Yes, I still have my Christmas cards up.2014-04-18 18.09.10

This girl LOVES being outside. So it’s pretty normal for her to eat her breakfast here every day. 2014-04-19 07.59.04Spent a small fortune on my hair this weekend. 2014-04-19 15.45.34

We activated our membership at the children's museum and Charlie is already at home there.2014-04-19 17.17.58

We did an Easter basket for her this year. She LOVES the chalk!2014-04-19 21.10.51

Our Easter was low key. While Adam and Charlie napped…I had Bellini's on the patio with my book !2014-04-20 13.44.22

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