Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Humpday Photodump!

I’m going to cheat and put up some real camera pics since my phone is a piece of crap and the battery life is starting to be non-existent.

Puzzle time!2014-04-02 18.13.46Making progress on my Talents!2014-04-04 07.40.38Love lent and $2 filet-0-fish!2014-04-04 12.20.21The weather really heated up this week so I took Charlie out for a ice cream.2014-04-04 16.55.15Feeding her baby doll.2014-04-04 18.20.50Bases done!2014-04-04 21.13.41She loves picnics!2014-04-05 10.57.35Nice Charlie, real nice.2014-04-05 13.13.10jZoo fun with her bestie2014-04-05 14.31.052014-04-05 14.31.18Fish are cool.2014-04-05 14.59.07LOVES my electric toothbrush!2014-04-06 08.47.38

Sarasota Jungle GardensIMG_2302

I came this close to feeding the flamingos…but I chickened out.IMG_2317So glad I got to see this girl…and her little girl!IMG_2358IMG_2347IMG_2366

Angel2014-04-06 17.53.58

Cartoons in bed! (going for mom of the year with this one!) ha ha2014-04-07 07.08.36

Quietly reading by herself!2014-04-08 07.34.50Last step: Buttons!!2014-04-08 07.41.13

We’re off to IL this weekend. Friday was a sad day, Grandma Grace passed away. She was a great women and a fantastic Grandma. She will be missed greatly.


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