Friday, August 23, 2013

Book Club

I know I haven’t written about book club in a while. But to be honest, the club hasn’t read anything I’ve enjoyed…or that I actually read in a while!  I did do some reading while on maternity leave…the one that comes to mind is The Glass Castle.


If you haven’t read this…do! It is ridiculously good, unbelievably amazing…and an eye opener.  I’m so glad that Charlie was small and easy…because I would just prop her on the bobby, she’d nurse and I’d get 20-25 min of book time! Also I recently finished The Secret Keeper…so good! It is written by the author of The Forgotten Garden.

Anyway, back to book club.

This past month we read Rules of Civility.


My friend Mary hosted. Mary and her husband Matt bought a gorgeous fixer upper a year or so back. I helped them with some design ideas and hadn’t been to see the house since before they moved in last year! So that in itself was a treat for me!

The food was phenomenal. Very classy since the book took place in Manhattan at the end of the 30’s and the characters would be considered social climbers or well to dos… so there was seafood, fancy cheese spreads, pate, champagne, salads with bacon and figs and chocolate mouse!


The was little discussion about the book, but we did hit a few key questions that the characters discussed early on while out at the 21 club:

What were you afraid of as a child?

What was one thing your parents never gave you that you wanted?

who would you be for a day?

If you could relive one year in your life, which one would it be?

My answers were as follows:

Dracula and my brothers closet (I thought Dracula was in the closet)

A tree house

Heidi Klum – on a day off!

The year I met Adam.

What would be your answers?

Anyway, I was a good book, well written and an easy read. It reminded me a lot of the Great Gatsby, which I loved in HS. If you haven’t read it, I would recommend it. And I hear there is a sequel!

Oh and the highlight of the night…Mary’s electronic reclining couch!!


Other books we’ve read this year:

May: The Night Circus-I listened to it…it wasn’t my favorite, but i think it would make a great movie~


April: We need to talk about Kevin-I really wanted to read this, but didn’t have time…then found out how it ended…kind of spoiled it for me, so I'm going to watch the movie.


March: Words That Work-I didn’t even attempt to read this, was not interested at all.


February: The Mermaid Collector- I didn’t finish this…it was kind of cheesy, but I’m sure I could have gotten through it. The group went to Wikki Wachi to see the mermaid show.


January: Home - it was ok. I read it…but really didn’t enjoy it or hate it.


So that is my book club update. Have you read anything lately that you want the whole world to read??

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