Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blogging Challange

I read a lot of blogs.
Its my "reality TV", my guilty pleasure. 
I started a blog 4+ years ago. 
For a while after we were married I was good at keeping it up.
Then I had a baby and for some reason stopped blogging as often.
And no, it's not due to lack of time. 
Or lack of things to write.

I think my brain is just too overflowing and their are so many other social media sites out there, yes I'm talking about Facebook, that are a lot easier to "keep in touch" with everyone. Which is why I started the blog. 
But that's not the only reason.
I started it also for track our life. I don't keep a journal, as much as I've tried. So this blog was also a way for me to record the events in our life. For us.

You'd think now would be the time I'd want to blog like crazy. I mean Charlie is growing and changing so much, I must preserve it, remember, record it all somehow.

But alas, I haven't. My brain has just been too jumbled and unfocused to put anything down. 

With that said, I've decided to challenge myself.  Usually if I'm organized and have a schedule I get stuff done. So I'm going to try that with the blog and posting.  I might be overzealous with this plan, but I'm going to try it and worst case scenario is it doesn't work, but at least I blogged a bit more than before!

A lot of blogs have specific days they post specific topics. So that is what I'm going to try. Don't worry, I'm not going to do What I Wore Wednesday...because seriously...who cares!?!?  But I am going to try the 10 on Tuesday and add in 4, yes 4, others for those other days in the week. 
I'm sure there will be days I'll miss.  But hopefully this will get me on track to keep you all updated and record a nice record of our life as we go through it. 

So here's my plan:

Monday- Mommy time.  There's a lot I've wanted to write about this topic. A lot of it is really really hard. But I need to get it out. I need to "talk" about it.

Tuesday- 10 things. This will be a weekly recap.  Most likely it will be all about Charlie, but maybe Adam and I will have some interesting things to share as well...but I doubt it....

Wednesday - Hump Day Dump Day.  I'll post pictures from the week. Most likely it will be cell pictures...and again...of Charlie.

Thursday- Thoughts. This will be kind of a wild card day. Kind of what is going on in our maybe related to a quote that I like.

Friday- Food/Fun/Family  This will be random posts...if we went on vacation....had a great recipe...did something way cool....They maybe short and sweet or long and winded....we'll see.

So hopefully you'll join us. And hopefully I'll stick with it. I'm sure some days/weeks will be better than others, but it's worth a shot.

And since it's Wednesday.... Here's a photo.
It's hard to tell...and even harder capture on camera, but Charlie has been going up on her tip toes when she's standing! A little ballerina, this mommy is so proud.

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