Monday, August 26, 2013

Baby Weight

Aside from my bed rest, I got really lucky with my pregnancy when it came to my weight.  I was really worried that being on bed rest I was going to pack on the pounds,  but i didn’t.  I was also not allowed to exercise at all before my bed rest.  So I was shocked when I only gained 20lbs with Charlie. When i got pregnant, I was about 15lbs over my base weight. I was the heaviest i had ever been and I attribute it to trying to get pregnant for 18 months…it’s my own fault. But when i got pregnant I was 160lbs.  When I checked into the hospital I was 180. 

I didn’t really think about loosing the baby weight at that point.  And Luckily i didn’t have to at all. By Christmas I was wearing my pre pregnancy jeans.  My mom was aghast.   by February I was out of my pre-pregnancy jeans and having to buy new clothes. By April I was squeezing into jeans that i hadn’t worn since we got married.  How did I do it? I nursed. that’s it. I didn’t get on my treadmill, I didn’t diet. nothing but nursing and eating everything insight.

I know, lucky, right!!?!?

Everyone kept telling me how skinny I was. But i had yet to step on a scale (other than when i went for my check up and had already lost 20+ lbs.)  Finally 5 months after having Charlie i got out my old scale and stepped on it.  I was down 36lbs….144. I hadn’t weighed that since i got married. But to me…that is my “normal” weight.  I can maintain that…without exercise.  But as anyone knows, you should exercise.  And anyone with a kid knows, that is easier said than done.

Enter Stroller Strides.


Tara had told me about it a few months ago and finally last week I was ready to give it a try.  Despite loosing all the weight, I knew i wasn’t in shape or even tone up.  Basically the class is a bunch of moms, with their babies/kids in strollers. And you go around the park and do exercises while singing the abc’s and such to your baby.


Our first class was last Saturday. And it kicked my butt.  The class was by no means hard.  I was that out of shape! On Sunday i was sore. Monday I was still sore.  We went back again this past Saturday…the class wasn’t any easier. and I was sore again on Sunday.  But it felt good to get out there. And the soreness in my triceps much needed. I forgot about those little floppy muscles.

Charlie is so good during the class. She just kinds of chills and stares at everyone. I try to get her to crack a smile, and sometimes she does, but for the most part she is just taking it all in. We are only able to go to the Saturday class, since we have jobs during the week, but it’s a baby step (ha ha) And with Adam working every Saturday until November now, it will get us out of the house and into some fresh air (which will hopefully cool off soon!!!)

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