Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I had a birthday this past weekend.


It was a good birthday.  I am definitely starting to feel Grown up.  However I still jumped on the couch to The Beatles when the Birthday song came on.

Adam unfortunately had to work all weekend.  But we stole hours together when we could.  Tara & Krista came over Friday night for Spaghetti, wine/champagne and cake.  And our friend Kathy who has moved to New Orleans was in town and she and a few friends came over.  It was nice.







Saturday I headed out for my hair appointment and got a new 32 year old do. It’s really the same, just a bit more layers.  Afterward I headed to the outlet mall to meet Krista and spend my birthday money on an expensive frivolous purse at the Coach store.

The purse gods where in my corner because it was the 30% off sale. Yes, including the already marked down sale purses that were an additional 50% off. 

So I was able to get two. Yes, 2,  Coach purses.  Thank you honey.

My mom asked me if they were real.  Yes I told her, they’re real.  I really think she was considering hopping on a plane and flying down after I told her the deals I got.

I finished up some Christmas shopping and headed back to Tampa to get ready for my dinner out.  I chose Bone Fish in St. Pete.  It was Krista (my date) and Tara and her new BF Doug (or as I call him New Doug)




We were supposed to go out, but after one drink at the Wine bar we all decided to call it a night and I headed back over the bridge just in time to catch Sir Paul on SNL (4 x’s!!!)


Sunday Adam didn’t have to go into work Until after noon so we had a few hours together.  I begged him to stay, but he had to go make the money.  So I did some errands and did ALL my Christmas cards at Peg’s in Gulf Port sampling New Doug's beer. (he’s a brewer)

I am happy with my 30’s enjoying life, good friends and lots of love.  I’m ready for 32-Bring it.


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