Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family Game Night

Mom put together a pot roast in the crock pot and I fixed up some Cauliflower with sausage  (random I know) and we all sat down for a nice family dinner. 

Afterward we decided it was time to play some games.  We’re usually an all Cards family, but mom wanted to play something different and I have a closet full of games.

So this is how our night went:

Mom chose:

Adam won by a very small margin-He was very happy.

FYI according to my dad FurFur is the hair between a polar bears toes.

Next was Jonathan’s choice:

I’m really good at this game-Like REALLY good. So I won by over 15 points.  (I use this type of game as a means to fall asleep when I have insomnia)

Since I won I chose:

We decided to do Girls vs. boys (there were only 2 girls, but 3 boys) I thought this was fair since mom and I are good at word games-and they had my dad (FurFur anyone?)  Well Jonathan-the kid who barely talks was kicking butt! And mom and I , well I think the wine had started to impair our ability to read/describe/function.  I described FLAME perfectly all the while my dad (who was watching my words) looked at me like I was nuts.  Bless his heart he finally said something and I blinked, looked and realized the word was FAME. oops.

In the end though the girls pulled it out and one by 1 point. ya!!!

We finished the night off with a game of euchre while Jonathan prepared his Super Mario Brothers skills.  Boys won both games.  Mom and I really didn’t care as we were ready for bed.

I enjoy nights like this and I wish we could do them more often.  Most of our friends live 45 min. away, so it makes it difficult to have impromptu get togethers.  So we cherish these times, especially with family, and look forward to the days when we’ll be closer to whomever and play games with our friends and someday our own children.

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