Thursday, December 9, 2010


No, Not on our windows or in our driveway.

The St. Pete Times Forum Christmas party (Adam’s 2nd job) had ice skating!! 

We laced up our rentals (Uggg) and headed out the same way the players do.  It was kind of cool going down that covered tunnel and stepping out of the box onto the big rink.


It took a while for my legs to get re acquainted after a 2 year hiatus, but I did ok.  And so did Adam.  I think he was a little more nervous than I since he’d only skated a handful of times. 



I used to skate on our drive way back home.  And no, we did not ice it over, it just happed sometimes, so I would put on my skates and go out.   It was fun until you hit a patch of asphalt and bit it.

It was a nice evening, we only stayed for an hour and Adam didn’t actually see anyone he worked with in his department, but being together out of the house was nice.  Between own our work schedules we don’t have that many nights together until the Christmas Invasion, so we’re enjoying the time we have now.






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