Wednesday, December 15, 2010

She's Up

And I did her all by myself.
Adam is sick.
As in run over by a truck and can't get up sick.
I'd been pumping him full of flu medicine and when I got home from The Depot with the tree, he was able to get all the Christmas stuff out of the attic for me before crawling back into bed.
He's feeling better today and plans to go into work this afternoon.  Fingers crossed I don't get it.

We had to find a new place for the tree this year since the table would  be going where the tree normally would.  (I've yet to believe he'll have it done by Christmas.)
So I had to rearrange the living room to make it all work.  It works for now and will be good for all of the company we'll be getting very soon.

Tonight I plan on wrapping all the presents and putting them under the tree and finishing up with the decorations.  I'm hoping all of this will help to make it feel more like Christmas.  It's hard down in Florida.  While we've had quite a cold snap; it just doesn't have the feeling that a mid-western December has.  I think people up there are just a tad more jolly this time of year.  They wear Santa hats to pump gas and there is garland and red bows everywhere.  Oh, and there's snow. Beautiful white fluffy snow.

But not to worry, I will blast the Christmas music, hang my bells and dress up my dog like a reindeer.  I will make my Christmas spirit come out and play.  Ten more days!

Oh-And our new ornament this year

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