Thursday, November 6, 2014

Project Pie:Week 17

I got to chose the cream pie this week and my choice?

S’moreIMG_1899It looked pretty easy to make so I tackled it one morning before I left on a business trip.

I bought the crust (I know I’m such a cheater) And I planned to use the Hershey's bars Charlie got from trick or treating so there wasn’t much I needed to get.


Well of course when you think something will be quick and easy, It never is. First off one of my yokes broke. So I was trying to get yoke out of my whites. Second I realized as I was mixing in the vanilla pudding we had at the house the word “regular” was italicized and it made me think, what do they mean. Well one quick glance at my instant pudding mix box I realized that in 1978 they probably had a choice…cooktop pudding or instant. So 15 minutes later I’m still stirring and waiting for my mixture the thicken. In the end I figured I could deal with it when I got back from my trip and thicken it up with some tapioca.


Flash forward 2 days I get home and the pudding is pretty think and chilled in my fridge. So I decide I’ll just use it and I assemble my pie and start to beat the egg whites.


And I’m beating and beating and beating. While I’m beating I see the Tips section for making meringue. 1. Use room temperature eggs (pulled mine right out of the fridge) 2. Any small amount of yoke could ruin the meringue (we all know how that went) IMG_1895

Finally after a good 20 min my whites formed stiff peaks and I was able to get the pie in the oven. Then I cooled it before I put it in the fridge to chill.


Charlie went to bed and we cut into it looking forward to some gooey goodness. It wasn’t really gooey, you call it runny. IMG_1902

Overall the flavor was there. But the chocolate and the marshmallows hadn’t melted at all. And because there were only chocolate pieces some bites didn’t even have any. The pudding mix basically took over.  In the end I couldn’t finish mine and Adam though it was ok, just not the S’mores taste he wanted.

So will we make it again? Maybe, but with a lot of tweaking!!

Next week Adam is going to skip ahead so that Pumpkin Pie falls on Thanksgiving week. 

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