Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Do you have a Valentine?


I do.


But he had to work last night, so we’re going to be celebrating tonight.

I have never been very big into Valentines Day, I think the whole thing is silly and makes people who aren’t in love feel bad. But if someone wants to give me a heart shaped box of chocolates I’m not going to say no.  And of course it all changed for me when Adam proposed on that day…so now it’s got a bit more meaning to me.


This year I had an idea of something to do for Adam early on. So a few week ago I got started and when it finally came in the mail I was so excited I wanted to give it to him right away.

Check it out: Adam's Present

If you can’t tell-it’s a photo book of some of his best photos. I am so proud of him and I really hope he likes this.  Maybe now he’ll be motivated to pick a photo to enlarge and hang on the empty nail in our bedroom. I won’t hold my breath though.

We hope you all enjoyed our engagement day.image

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