Monday, February 13, 2012

The Green Bean Miracle

I happened to be flipping between channels a few weeks back and landed on the Rosie Show just as she said “And Stephanie Izard is here and she’s going to show us how to make her green beans!!”


I about fell off the couch. Luckily I didn’t, but I did jump up and grab a pen and pad before the show got back from commercial. While Rosie was raving about how good these green beans are (I know Rosie!let the women talk!) Stephanie is telling us what she’s putting in the pan. 

Fish Sauce-Check

Lemon Juice-Check




And….Commercial…When they returned Rosie kept asking her…so this is it? what about that creamy white sauce (the best part-thank you Rosie!)  And you know what it is…Mayo mixed with the sauce.

I came so close to “figuring out” the ingredients..and now I had the recipe-kind of.  Stephanie never told us how much of anything she put in…so I guesstimated and tried to figure out proportions.

This past weekend my parents where in town and I remembered that I still needed to try the recipe….so we bought some green beans and hoped it would be great….

And it wasn’t.

It was still WAY TOO Salty Sad smile whap whap whaaaappppp.  This is the same issue I had at Thanksgiving…but I KNOW I saw with my own eye equal parts (and a lot of it) of fish sauce and lemon juice…

Today, still ticked that the beans where not right I did a quick Google search to see if she actually posted the recipe…and she did!!!!!!! With measurements and everything!  But here’s the kicker…it is a lot of fish sauce…so I’m thinking maybe I got bad fish sauce…or the wrong kind.  So now I’m on the look out for the correct type of fish sauce to make the magic beans and hopefully nail it!

oh… do you want the recipe??  Let me just send you to the pro :

Stephanie Izard


PS: if you find a fish sauce that works..please SHARE!

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