Thursday, May 27, 2010

The WHOLE chicken?!?

Tuesday I was driving home from another Dance Instructor Interview and thought I should stop a nearby Publix to replenish our staples. While I was shopping I was talking with my mom-which I must say I’m not very good at talking on the phone and grocery shopping...but I had important questions "How much do you normally pay for Wisk?" It was buy one get one free....and I had to be sure I was getting a good deal (I normally buy the store brand) So while I’m talking to her I find myself yet again in the meat department.

Let me reiterate my position on the meat situation. I EAT MEAT. From cheese hotdogs to filet mignot, elk to Veal, Lamb to Chicken. However I like my meat served to me, properly cooked with a nice grouping of sides :). I do not like my meat resembling the characters you'd see on Lambkins or Old McDonalds Farm. When I'm in the meat department I feel like a grandpa in Victoria's Secret-Really confused. I know I like this stuff-but out of context I have NO idea what it is!

Anyway while I’m talking I see that they have Young Chickens on sale for $.99 a lb. I ask mom " Is that a good deal?" Yes she says. "But it's WHOLE Chicken!-what in the world would I do with that?" "Oh it's easy you can stuff it with rice, cook it in the oven or just throw it in the Crock Pot..." SOLD! she said my magic word. :) I select a $4.67 chicken and lay it in my cart praying my "World's Largest slow cooker recipe book" will direct me in what I am supposed to do with this de-feathered headless dead bird.
When I got home I found a really easy recipe-so Wednesday @ 7:45 I strapped on my apron over my bra (I didn't want to risk getting my work shirt dirty!) and opened up that vacuumed sealed bag.

Ug...As I'm pulling out the paper bag of I don't know what stuffed into the cavity I'm trying really hard not to recognize that this looks like a hairless chicken w/o a head. Luckily after I put it in the pot all I have to do is stuff it with an orange and pour sauce over it.

Adam got home at 4 and reported that it smelt good and looked done. By the time I arrived home he had prepared the corn on the cob and the green beans. Dinner was served! It wasn't that bad....wasn't the best chicken in the world-but Adam had his fill and even had lunch for today.

So check off Cook a Whole Chicken from my "How to be a wife" duty list. I'm getting better at all things wife that all the women in my family mastered years ago. Someday I'll catch up.

Now if only my grandma could remember how she cooked chicken....cause seriously that was the best chicken EVER. Anyone know how she did it? If I've mastered her rolls I'm sure I can handle her chicken.

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