Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For Richer & Poorer

Last week after we returned from North Carolina Adam was "let go" from his job. Neither of us was too surprised, but I was still in shock non the less.
(Note: the job situation is a long story-it's a sketchy situation, but Adam was a model employee and his co-workers were shocked when he was let go)
Anyway-it was stressful at first. I was worried; can we pay our bills? What are we going to do? How will you find a job? But Adam was cool and collected and reassured me that it was going to be ok and he'd find something.

And I stopped worrying. He would find something and everything would be ok. He had been very unhappy with the situations at his company and had been casually looking. I knew that this was all for the best and that everything happens for a reason. (Heck we've been wanting to move so this was our out.) We would get through it-there are a lot more people worse off than we are.
We both adjusted some bill pays and I had to buy the groceries. Adam looked all day on the internet, contacted friends, networked and sent out resumes for four days. I knew this wouldn't go on for very long-he was going NUTS in that room. Adam has to do SOMETHING. This is the main reason I wasn't worried. He is a Go-Getter if there ever was one.

Now as much as going from two paychecks to one sucks-it is SO nice coming home to a cooked dinner. And he was good. He'd call to check how far away I was so that when I got home the door was opened and dinner was on the table HOT! That was nice. Also magically there was folded laundry one the couch. The floors had a little less dog hair floating around....I had a House Husband. I was not complaining about that.
On Monday Adam got a job through his previous owner. It's not a permanent solution, it's an hourly job, but it's a paycheck. He got up at 5:30 today to be to work by 7. Ironically it's in the same office park he used to work (before they moved). He'll be building custom pieces of some sort-he's actually not even sure, but is excited to learn how to use some new equipments (a CNC router!)

So for the time being he's back on his feet (somewhat). The job hunt is still on and we're hoping for something to turn up a little further north...but we know that whatever happens, happens. God has a plan for us. And no matter what we're in this together; for richer or for poorer.

P.S. The best part-he works until 3:30...which means he can still be home in time to make dinner!!!

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