Monday, March 14, 2016

Simplifying my Mornings

Having two young kids, one toddler and one infant, makes our mornings a little crazy.  Adam and I both work full time, but luckily he goes in much later than me so he does daycare drop off. That doesn’t mean that we’re not all struggling and juggling in the morning to get out the door though.

A few weeks back my friend shared an article with me about the editor of Harper Bazar (a major fashion magazine) who wears the same thing to work everyday. Fireworks went off in my brain.  Oh my how much simpler and easy my morning would be if I didn’t have to think about what I should wear to work!  “I’m doing this” I told my friend. So I started looking for a “uniform”.

I work in an architectural office and we get “casual” Fridays, but day to day dress isn’t business professional, business casual is fine. However working with designers you see a lot of “Style”.  I have always been what you would classify as “Classic Preppy” I shopped JCrew before it became mainstream, I fell in love with Lands End a few years back.  Jeans and a white shirt is my go to.  But I can’t wear that everyday so I turned to Lands End and sure enough they actually had a “uniform” section in their women's department.  Another reason I LOVE L.E., they have Tall sizes.

I found a shirt that came in 4 colors, could be warn tucked in or out, came in TALL, was machine washable/no iron and was pumping/nursing friendly.  As for pants I have LOVED Macy’s Style&Co. brand for years. They are easy care (no iron), inexpensive (less then $30 a pair) and super comfy  (elastic waist & tummy panel). I found 4 different styles, all in black.  I have two black work skirts and a few styles of black and gray shoes so I was set there.

With all my pieces in place I headed to work a few weeks ago in my new uniform and haven’t looked back since. Side note: I also removed all of my other clothes from my closet and will bring them back in as I wear them. Getting dressed in the morning is a no brainer and I actually have time to think about accessories, which I never did before. The outfits are comfortable and look appropriate for work. 

Whether or not anyone in the office has noticed I’m basically wearing the same thing everyday I’m not sure, no one has said anything. But that’s what I wanted.  I tried to find a “uniform” that didn’t really draw attention to itself and kept it simple, I just wanted it to blend in.

So what does it look like? Here are the first two weeks in my uniform.  Side note, I think selfies are stupid and narcissistic, so I did my best to make them as ridiculous as possible while still showing off the “uniform” for journalist purposes. Also, we don’t have a full length mirror in the new house yet, so I took all the photos in the work bathroom before I pumped, so I have giant boobs. (TMI??? sorry, get over it)

Day 1: 2/25

IMG_2470Day 2: 2/29IMG_2468

Day 3: 3/1IMG_2469Day 4: 3/2IMG_2479Day 5: 3/3IMG_2480Day 6: 3/7IMG_2523Day 7: 3/6IMG_2545Day 8: 3/9IMG_2546Day 9: 3/10IMG_2553

So what do you think? not bad right? I think I look professional and put together. I can mix and match the pants/skirts with each top and add scarfs, cardigans and different shoes to mix up my look. So far I’m loving getting dressed in the morning.  I have more time to snuggle my babies and I am getting out the door on time.

My goal this year is to Simplify my life. Wardrobe-Check!

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