Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hump Day Photo Dump

It was a pretty good week!
Practicing brushing her teeth!2013-09-28 10.22.10Her first taste of chik fil a2013-09-28 13.08.13The Cube Building2013-09-28 13.08.43
The Beer can building2013-09-28 13.59.20
Playing2013-09-28 17.05.58
Eating2013-09-28 17.28.11
Swimming2013-09-28 18.41.16Reading 2013-09-29 08.12.24
Smiling like a Young2013-09-29 09.24.54
Selfie in Granny’s dress2013-09-29 09.44.10
Ya for old phones!2013-09-29 10.19.16
Cleaning…dogs do NOT belong on carpet! 2013-09-29 10.51.01Napping2013-09-29 11.44.47
Being Cute2013-09-29 15.40.15
More being cute2013-09-29 15.45.47Yep, still cute2013-09-29 15.46.10
Group selfie2013-09-29 16.07.17
Working in Rosemary Beach2013-09-30 10.14.58
More “working” in Rosemary Beach Winking smile

2013-09-30 10.56.22

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