Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Not so Newly-Wed anymore

I've realized that Adam & I are no longer officailly "newlyweds". 
But we definetly havn't been married that long in my book. 
These two sure have us beat:

Considering our blog title is "Adventures in Newlywedville"  I figured it was time for an upgrade...but what?
Adventures in 1-year-ville? No.
Life after 12 months? nope...

So I must contemplate...this next stage - a new name.
The blog will still be updates about our life as a married couple and the fun things we do :)

In the mean time here is our 1st year in pictures...because we all like pictures!!

September 2009:

October 2009:

Halloween; Satan & Mrs. Claws

November 2009:

Jordan and Bruisers 1st boat ride in Florida

December 2009:

Santarchy  (aka "the night Adam wore tights)

January 2010:

Oberstdorf, Germany

February 2010:

70's Party-Adam as Chet from the Channel 9 News team.

March 2010:

Adam's 1st batch of home brewed Beer

April 2010:

Busch Gardens

May 2010:

 Nashville, N.C.

June 2010:

Out Celebrating in St. Pete

July 2010:

 Camping @ Manatee Springs, FL

August 2010:

Spending time with our favorite girl

September 2010

Getting to know our new addition, Gretta

To a happy, wonderful, fun and blessed year and to more Adventures in Newlywedville :)

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