Thursday, March 3, 2011


I’m happy to say the dresser is done and in use!  Adam sanded for two nights to get it just right.


Then I spent the next 3 evenings painting drawers and tops and sides and feet.

IMG_0077 IMG_0078
We used standard white Behr paint and it went on pretty good.  I only had some trouble with the top and the door getting a little thick.  Adam reminded me that I should have primed it first and I reminded him that it was a $50 dresser and I really didn’t care. So after two coats I called it done and we moved her in.

As I stated before, I planned on getting some up dated pulls for the drawers, but I quickly found that 4-1/2” was not a standard pull width for centers.  I found 1, ONE, online that wasn’t $24 a pull and I didn’t really like it. 
Saturday I was leaving Joann’s and noticed the Lowes across the street and decided to pop in to see what they had.  After borrowing a measuring tape (which the worked had to hunt down! hello hardware store!) I began measuring all the pulls I thought would work-regardless if they were my favorite. 

We had come up with a back up plan of putting a wood “plate” over the existing holes and then drilling 3” holes to use standard pulls, but I had a feeling I wasn’t going to like what that looked like (I didn’t). 
Then, I found a pull! 
And it measured 4-1/2”. 
And it was $.93!
I snatched up the 6 I needed then began lookinf for the one 3” to go with it….and found one for $.90!  I couldn’t believe my luck. 
The pulls really should be a bit narrower-so adam is going to “fix” them so they don’t slide out-but for $6 I’m not going to complain.
The bedroom is still in the adjustment phase, but the dresser is in place and we’re working on re-locating photos and mirrors.   For now this is how she looks and it is soooo much better than that mess we had before. 
I still hate having the TV in the room and my treadmill-but I know if we get rid of the tv one of the others will die and I refuse to get rid of my “gym”.  So we manage and enjoy having more drawer space and being “Plastic Free!”

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