Friday, March 25, 2011


Just in case you didn’t know, my family is a bit goofy. 

Luckily, Adam fits in quite well-so well that I think my brother likes him better than me. 

But anyway, those of you who were at our wedding know what went down with my dad’s lovely speech.  Now while I found it humorous, I wasn’t in the least bit embarrassed when he presented Adam and I with shot guns.  I was however surprised.  So surprised that on top of the wedding daze I was already in I had to process the fact that I received my first real gun at my wedding. 
“WHAT?!?! what’s going on I thought…this is a joke…”
I don’t hunt and I don’t have an interest in guns, but the men in my family do.  And since Adam was marrying into it my dad thought it was due time that the man who would live with his daughter ought to have a fire arm.  I guess he didn’t want to leave me out. 
So, while half the hall is in stiches the other half  is in shock and Adam's grandpa is bee-lining it towards us during the speech to check them out, we were getting out picture snapped from 360 degrees.  Being the good sport I held my gun and tried to take the best pictures I could, but it was hard, cause I was cracking up.
Finally our professionally photographer elbowed her way in and we posed for our shot.  Adam looking proud as can be holding his 1st gun and my … well I’m going to be honest. I was trying not to pee my pants.
Now, why am I telling this story…and where is said picture.  Well, I like to take a break every now and then and check out a funny website. 
Awkward Family Photos
Last week they had started a contest; Most Awkward Wedding or Engagement photo.  Hmm I thought…do we have one?  And then I realized it’s pretty awkward to get guns at a wedding and I was definitely feeling awkward at the time.
So I sent it in.
And they put up.

Yes, we made the website…

My mom was all excited and asked what we would win if we won title of Most Awkward Wedding Photo “Umm some “Arthur” movie stuff and a book” I informed her. I think she was hoping for cash.
Anyway-check it out. get some good laughs and if we make finalists I’ll let you know so you can all go vote for us…cause you know I really want to win the Arthur Prize pack. Winking smile
For your enjoyment here’s are a couple more shots taken by our guests of the “awkward moment”

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