Monday, March 28, 2011

March 26, 2011

It came and went.  My due date.

Adam had the day off work.  We slept in, ran errands and watched movies/napped.  It was a much needed day of rest and productivity. There is now food in our refrigerator and clean sheets on our bed.

We both knew it was the day, but we didn’t dwell on it.  We went about our life.  We could “what if?” all we want, but it won’t change anything.  I asked him…what do you think would be different had we had the baby (besides that fact!) 

I think about it…not much would have changed, but I think we wouldn’t have been a bit more stressed financially.  Adam has worked extremely hard the last 6 months to get bills paid off and us debt free (san my student loans…which is a completely different mountain…in a far far away country Winking smile)  Right now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…we have a good plan at moving forward with changes in our living/jobs-whether or not they materialize, we’ll have to wait and see.

We ended our day attending an art event at the new Children’s Museum.  It was entitled Sensory Overload.  Lots of dj’s; performance artists, cereal! and a good time playing with the museum exhibits.  You see-you can’t enter the museum without a child; so this was our way of getting in!  Adam loved the water works on the first floor.  We also found out that he’s too tall for the “How tall are you?” exhibit…digital read out cuts out at 6’1”.  Oh and I can run faster than a dog.

IMG_20110326_205913 IMG_20110326_210035

(you can’t beat a bowl of Trix and Coco Puffs at 10pm…)

It really was a lovely day.  And I’m sure our little girl was smiling down upon us hearing our prayers.

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  1. Everything looked fun until I got to the end.....stop making me tear up! you know how sensitive I am.