Monday, March 7, 2011

A Ball of a Weekend

This post was actually requested by Adam.  He said it’s about time we blogged about a beer-fest again. ha!

Sunday was the 1st day Adam and I both had off to spend together. We had plans to go to the art festival downtown Tampa right after church.  But of course we were hungry so we went home and got to work on a yummy Tex-Mex lunch. Fajita’s and a quinoa salad.  While we were eating Tara called and said they had an extra ticket to the Brewer’s Ball (Florida’s top micro brewers Prom-well w/o the gown) So I asked Adam…and guess which won?

We had a nice few hours sampling the states best beers, chatting with our friends and catching up with old friends.



Tara and I went to school with Damon. Haven’t seen him a while!

IMG_5093IMG_5104IMG_5109 IMG_5139IMG_5103IMG_5138IMG_5114

It wasn’t a long day and by 5 we were home watching movies and napping on the couch. 


Now I know this in reverse, but I just had to mention that Saturday I made my first trip of the year to the beach!  Adam had to work and I decided that it was time to leave the chores behind and head over the bridge to spend some much needed time with the girls (Tara & Krista) and try to finish our book club book.  It was a great day, good weather, great company and some yummy food to finish off a perfect day.  Laundry can wait….until next winter!


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