Thursday, March 10, 2011


We have decided to try and rent out the condo then find a house for ourselves and our 3!! dogs to live someplace in Pinellas county.  Our goal is to get it rented sometime this summer and being close to a University we’re hoping for a graduate or a medical student.
Unfortunately our house is not in as ship-shop shape as one would like, but what can you do…we’ve got to much stuff.  So seeing as our room has been recently cleaned out, re-arranged and organized I thought I’d snap some “staged” pictures that we could use when posting the rental.  And since I've recently blogged about our updates I thought it was only fitting to give you a tour. It sure has come a LONG way since this:

So here is the MUCH better-cleaned up version:
note to self; buy longer bed skirt.
We recently moved our dressers to frame our bed which really opened up the room and eliminated our night stands.
I would love to be able to not have the treadmill or dog bed in here…so much nicer!
  IMG_5146 Loving the new dresser!! Adam FINALLY filled his drawers.

And here are some fun detail pictures….

Adam finally got around to hanging our Clyde Butcher prints:IMG_5148

If you don’t know it, I L.O.V.E. black and white photos, this was given to us for our wedding…perfect.IMG_5150

I fell in hard for this next photo way before I met Adam (it was at least 48” tall) and when I saw it at the Clyde Butcher studio I had to have it.  Now if only i could afford to get the odd sized framed! It’s 9x14.  It's by Jeff Ripple, who irronically only photographs S. Florida and N. Michigan!IMG_5151

A while back I thought our bed needed some color, so I decided to make some throw pillows. I ordered this fabric that for some reason I was really drawn to (and I HATE birds!) and it matched perfect! I also really like how the magenta pops…maybe someday I’ll bring more of that color into our room. IMG_5153

Books…Think it’s time I get a new bigger book shelf?IMG_5157
Check out the RANDOMNESS that I am….IMG_5159

And a couple special Items…
IMG_5163 IMG_5164  When I was 18 I was cast as Winter White…these are my shoes that my dear friend Christine and I painted AND Glittered in her basement one late night.  They were worn only a handful of times, but I will always cherish them and the memories and dreams they represent.

IMG_5156     My grandpa Joe made this cross.  Everyone in the family has one-he was an amazing carpenter.  This will always grace the head of my bed.

I hope you enjoyed our room…now if only it always looked like this!!

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