Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Week!

Going into this week I had great ambitions of getting things accomplished-groceries, laundry, sewing, a few runs….You see Adam worked every night that I didn’t and I worked the nights he was off.  This seems to be the typical case for us, but I use the time when he’s not home to do the chores.

Well Tuesday (a night off for me) My friend Krista emailed and invited me to go to the hockey game; her boss gave her his tickets.  Sure! I’ll go…I can always get my stuff done tomorrow. 

So we went to the game, sat in awesome seats and had a great night. I even got to see Adam!  Unfortunately the lightning lost…and in my expert opinion, played like high school-er’s.




Fast fwd. to Wednesday.  Adam and I have lunch before he goes into work. He tells me he’s worried that the concert didn’t sell well.  I tell him, if you get free tickets I’ll go!

So around 4 o’clock I get a call.  They’re comping tickets to employees…he can get 4 tickets….for free………wait for it….


Stevie Nicks & Rod Stewart!!!

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks Heart and Soul Tour 2011 Banner 1

I shoot out an email and text and round up a group.  My one friend, Monica, thinks I’m joking as she’d been trying to WIN tickets all week! 


My attempt at a Stevie Nicks pic for my dad.


Kristi & I

The concert was AWESOME! the sets they played were great and we all had a great time dancing and singing along to the hits.  I get home sometime around midnight, exhausted with soar feet and crash into bed.  My chores are not done and there is no food in the house…but that can wait, right?

P.S. I can’t get Do You Think I’m Sexy out of my head!!

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