Monday, October 24, 2011

A Productive Lunch

Adam came and had lunch with me today.  He does this whenever he isn’t working during the day-which has been more frequent lately. We try to take whatever time we have together when we can.  It makes for a nice day.

Today at lunch we talked shop. We designed a new piece of furniture…yep at lunch…and we didn’t get into one argument!  You see we have some changes going on a our house-furniture changes that is.  But there will be a post dedicated to the specific piece of furniture in our switcharoo.

In the mean time here is a peek at our new end tables. Yes there will be two. 


The top will be made of scrap walnut that Adam has at work.


The sides & drawer will be painted white with a walnut divider.


The shelves will be glass.

I’m excited and hope that this project won’t take as long as our table has (which he IS working on! We have a thanksgiving deadline!!)  And I’m sure you can guess where these are going…but if you can’t I’m not going to tell you quite yet…just cause I can Smile

Happy Monday! Was your lunch this productive? Have you designed anything lately?

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