Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hot Husband

Every year Redbook comes out with the Hottest Husband award and every year (well the last two!) I tell Adam “Next year I’m going to enter you!”  And the next year-I miss the deadline… Oh well.  But in the meantime Adam keeps doing things that adds to his hotness.

Case in point: A sponge trough.

???? huh you say… ?????

I’ve always hated sponges on the side of the sink and anything yucky lying around.  I’ve always thought the fake panels in front of a sink were stupid and pointless. That is until I realized some peoples actually work.  And they have a trough to hide things! So a sponge trough was on my wish list-for the past 6-7 years.

Last week while perusing Amazon I came across the hinges (looking for hinges for our table!) and quickly sent Adam a link to the kit.  He got it, bought and yesterday it came in the mail.  Before he even took off his shoes he got right on it and installed that baby!


HOT I tell you!


I sure am one lucky girl! Look at all that sponge hiding space! ahhh

Thanks Adam for making my dreams of a sponge free sink come true.

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